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Diary of a DAM admin: 2015 Widen Summit

by Nora Gehin, April 12, 2016

Maile Thiesen is a first-time digital asset manager at the University Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) — but Maile is no stranger to digital asset management (DAM). Maile first learned the importance of file organization and managing large photo collections studying photography at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Maile is now helping UMass address their growing DAM needs by organizing their digital assets with the Widen Media Collective.

Maile attended the 2015 Widen Summit, an annual conference for Widen customers to teach, learn, share, and grow with one another. In addition to enjoying the cheese and beer that Madison has to offer, Maile learned important skills to enhance UMass’s workflow and keep employees engaged with the DAM.

Read Maile’s journal to find out about the trip to Madison, Maile’s experience networking with other Widen users, and how what Maile learned will be implemented back at work at UMass.

Maile’s journal covers these DAM topics about the experience at the 2015 Widen User Summit:

  • Choosing the Widen Media Collective as a DAM solution
  • Getting to the User Summit in Madison, WI
  • The power of an organized DAM
  • DAM Insights: How to use data to drive content strategy
  • Keeping employees engaged with DAM software
  • Takeaways from the User Summit
  • Parting thoughts about DAM and Widen

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