Digital Asset Management and the Graduating Class

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Digital Asset Management and the Graduating ClassWith it being graduation season, there is now an entirely new group of millennials flooding the job market with skills and knowledge of the digital world well beyond that of their predecessors. This knowledgeable, tech savvy generation is used to a world full of digital media and access information at their fingertips. NPR recently had a story all about millennials redefining brands in Ratings Success? It's All In The (ABC) Family. This generation is redefining everything from how a UI should be designed and TV shows are created.
How does this relate to DAM? It's simple, really. Interacting with digital media is something we all do every day all day long. Whether you are searching for a file or expecting to be able to drag and drop or interact with something on your iPad – our experiences are a result of those that influence the design. Colleges are even embracing the expanding use and management of digital media and offering courses for "Data Science." (Check out this NY Times article Data Science: The Numbers of Our Lives)
Widen's multiple upgrades each year (included with the subscription) are always including enhancements that are influenced by this millennial generation. Although our company has been around for 65 years, our development teams are young and on top of the most coveted functionality. (Check out this earlier blog about our Hackathon Days to learn more). Features for mobile, handling a wide variety of file formats, and even UI design are always top of mind.
So, hats off to this graduating class of digital influencers. We are excited for you to join the workforce with your chutzpah! For all you employers out there – get ready. You have a group of individuals coming your way, used to instantaneous results, and a knowledge of this digital world that can be a bit intimidating. Don't worry, it's a good thing! We even have a job description for a DAM Admin that inherently includes a lot of the characteristics associated with the millennial generation. 
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