Digital Asset Management education webinars for people new to DAM, switching DAM and about to implement DAM

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In March and April, Widen is hosting a series of FREE digital asset management educational webinars for those looking at DAM for the first time, switching to a new DAM and those about to implement DAM. These four webinars will be broken into two groups.

The Buyer’s Journey Series

The first two webinars examine the digital asset management buyer’s journey. The goal is to orient those new to DAM with the right way to go about procuring the “best-fit” solution. Based on The DAM Decision Toolkit, these two webinars walk through four core phases of the DAM buyer’s journey, including: strategy, research, justification, and evaluation.
In part 1, we talk about “How to find the right DAM solution for your business,” with key topics to include:
  • What DAM is, and is not 
  • What DAM can do for your business (ROI) 
  • The different kinds of DAM solutions available
  • What process to follow and questions to ask
  • Things to consider and things to do
In part 2, we talk about “Justifying and evaluating the best DAM solution for your business” with key topics to include:
  • The business case for DAM
  • Functional requirements for a DAM solution
  • Auditing your existing DAM solution and workflow
  • Look at features and functionality
  • Things to consider and things to do
The DAM Basics


What to Know Before you Go Series

The second group of webinars deals with what you need to know before you launch your DAM solution. The goal is to prepare those about to implement DAM with all the considerations of being ready to go.
Based on Widen’s Admin Playbook, these two webinars will orient those about to implement DAM with key administrative functions within the Widen Media Collective, and things to prepare for and consider before beginning the implementation process.
In part 1, we’ll talk about “What to know about the structure of DAM” with key topics to include:
  • Roles & Permissions (Governance)
  • User Management
  • Asset Groups (Security)
  • Metadata Types (Schema)
  • Asset Categories (Taxonomy)
In part 2, we’ll talk about “What to know about implementing DAM” with key topics to include:
  • How to come up with your metadata schema
  • Prepping your assets and metadata for migration
  • Bulk uploads, category assignment, deduping
  • Site branding considerations
  • How to launch your site and onboard users
What to Know Before You Go
If you have questions or would like us to cover a specific topic in the webinar, please email with your questions prior to the event.
If you’re not able to attend any of the live webinars, be sure to register so you can receive the recording and slide deck following the event.

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