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Guest Blog Post from Alex Byrne, Widen Sales Representative

Prior to beginning my career with Widen, I was a college student working within the admissions office stuffing files, logging data into the computer, and providing students and families the ultimate tour of campus!  Trust me; if you were on my tour, you were enrolling in the fall. 

Working in the admissions office and providing families with a tour of the campus forced me to learn things about different departments, academic halls, monuments, people, alumni, etc.  I gained a greater appreciation for areas of study that I never would have dove into, was informed about the alumni that made my school great, and learned more about the different athletic teams and theatrical events that we held on campus than I ever would have had time for. 

Talk about a lot of information!  Now stop and think about your college or university department by department by department by department…WOW!  Each and every area of your particular school has a lot of rich media content - images, logos, audio, video, presentations and marketing collateral - that has been building up for years upon years.

My question for those different departments is: How and where are you managing all of these files?

My colleagues and I have spent time calling universities and colleges trying to find out that very question.  Many of you out in the land of education have said that a Digital Asset Management system would be great, but you don’t have the budget for it…To those who have said this I say in return that there is a budget, it can be leveraged across many departments and there is a very clear, quick ROI.  These very images, logos, audio, video, presentations and marketing collateral are essential to your different schools, and have been indispensable to the development of your college or university’s history. 

Spending four years in college where I could take in the rich history and tradition that had developed for years and years before me was a great opportunity.  It is my turn to take that education I acquired and turn it around to do a little educating of my own.  Don’t allow a budget issue the opportunity to scatter and destroy the very things that have been bringing students to your college or university for years and years!

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