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Digital Asset Management technologies have become essential to efficient and effective marketing operations in 2010 and beyond. DAM is linked to having a direct impact over the top marketing priorities for 2010.

Anderson Analytics recently performed a study that measured, among other things, the importance of various marketing trends to top marketing executives such as Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). The “Marketing Trends Report 2010” survey was completed between January 11, 2010 and February 8, 2010 by respondents who are members of Marketing Executives Networking Group, hold a position of Vice President or higher and have a minimum base salary of $160,000. The survey showed that the top priorities of the executives are: Marketing ROI, Customer Retention, Brand Loyalty,  Positioning/Differentiation, Branding, Customer Satisfaction and Social Media.

Slide 14 of the 2010 Marketing Trends Study by Anderson Analytics

Slide 14 of the 2010 Marketing Trends Study by Anderson Analytics showing the top marketing buzzwords or trends most important to marketing executives. View the full PowerPoint on SlideShare

It's interesting to note that Digital Asset Management (DAM) can have an important impact on each of these priorities specified by the top marketing executives themselves. DAM software addresses these priorities by providing a central repository for digital media files and a set of tools to store, manage the approval of, find and convert these files to increase their value in the marketing process. DAM systems also make complete or selected subsets of the organization's digital media resources easily available to authorized users such as sales representatives, channel members, the media, etc. These capabilities can have a far-ranging impact on the marketing organization and the enterprise as a whole.

Download the white paper to learn more about how Digital Asset Management can assist with:

  • Increasing return on marketing investments
  • Raising customer retention rates
  • Improving brand loyalty and brand consistency
  • Positioning and differentiating products
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Download: How Digital Asset Management Can Help Achieve Top Marketing Priorities


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