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Digital Asset Management for Marketing – Why Every Mid-Size Business Needs It

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Digital Asset Management for marketing is not just meant for large corporations. It is true that many large companies deploy asset management tools to manage their corporate brand assets but this doesn’t mean that mid-size companies can't benefit from having digital asset management for marketing too. In fact, even if their library of digital assets isn't as extensive as those of larger companies or they don’t have as many users, mid-size companies still have a great need for digital asset management software. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Videos are in high demand – Watching videos online has become a major pastime for huge portions of the world’s population and continues to grow in popularity. This means that any company with an online presence should invest in creating some videos. Since improvements in technology have lowered production costs while also increasing quality, an investment that easily falls within marketing budgets for mid-size companies could produce more than just a few of these important assets. Having a bunch of videos in the marketing arsenal can help one compete with larger companies but they tend to take up a large amount of storage and bandwidth. Taxing the space of in-house servers and stressing out the IT people, however, can be easily avoided by managing video assets on third-party servers as is the case with cloud hosted digital asset management for marketing.
Digital Asset Management for Marketing
To grow the business – Having a system to support DAM for marketing can spur growth in a mid-size company because it is such a valuable and cost effective toolset. Digital Asset Management for marketing considerably augments efficiency and allows for tracking and reporting so you may better analyze the ROI of brand assets. This level of intelligence from a system can greatly support management in making the most of your marketing budget and future planning. When using web-based DAM software, a higher number of brand assets can also be put into action because they are stored in off-site servers and thus don’t require heavy investments in internal IT resources. This is especially helpful when you can rely on a service provider to supply the necessary IT resources to support ever-changing online marketing practices such as with social media marketing, which may requir large numbers of assets or access by large numbers of external users.

To compete with larger companies – Digital Asset Management for marketing from a SaaS provider supplies tools that help level the playing field for mid-size companies to compete with their larger counterparts. It can help increase market share because of the low implementation costs combined with its ability to make marketing much more efficient, targeted, and effective. Having a web-based system among your slew of marketing resources helps internal teams work like a smarter, high-powered company which adds greater benefit in collaborating with external partners, sales channels, agencies and media.

Request a demo to speak with a Widen representative or take the tour on your own to see how online DAM for marketing software can help your mid-size organization do more with less to compete with larger companies.

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