Digital Asset Management: Technology That Gets Your Engine Revving

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With gas floating over $3 per gallon, people seem to be
questioning now, more than ever, whether or not they should be making changes
to try to conserve.  The rising fuel
prices have also had a chain effect on everything from milk to lumber.  With that sort of reaction, you have to
wonder if your marketing software might be gouging your pocket book in the same

Installed solutions are typically more expensive than newer,
software as a service solutions.  This
comes from a higher cost for the initial implementation, all the way down to
higher maintenance costs for both IT and software and hardware upgrades.  While some marketers may be able to justify
this cost initially, the effect that it has on overall budgets can be
decimating.  Whether its trade shows that
get scrapped, or R and D budgets that are hindered, it’s an expenditure that is

In many instances software as a service, and more
specifically digital asset management, can provide the same brand management
tools that are being sold by large installed software companies.  By selecting software as a service, you not
only save on a quicker implementation and no immediate hardware upgrades, but
you will also see a relatively quick ROI due to all of the maintenance that
your IT department will no longer be held accountable for.

The overall user experience for digital asset management is
overwhelmingly high.  Brand recognition
routinely increases as well as the creation of all promotional materials for
both sales and marketing departments. 
Digital asset management as a solution to your marketing needs is
something you can’t overlook anymore. 
Think of it this way: Would you continue to pay $3 per gallon if there
was a fuel that was available for $2 per gallon that would make your vehicle
perform better?  If you still felt that
the $3 per gallon was the better option, we wish you the best in your installed
software endeavors…

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