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Digital Asset Management Training: A Valuable Investment

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Digital asset management is poised to become an essential aspect of marketing and creative departments in companies from just about every sector of the economy. As the general public spends more time working with digital pictures, watching online videos, and getting more involved with social media, interacting and connecting with potential customers over the Internet becomes a basic part of modern day marketing. Simply stated, the Internet has become the place to find, reach and staty connected with customers and potential customers. Companies that choose not to reach out to them in an online format are very likely going to lose those customers to competing companies that decide to make the changes that allow them to effectively connect with their target. This is especially the case when one takes into account the high degree of competition generated by the global nature of the Internet.

Digital Asset Management TrainingDigital asset management training programs permit companies to keep in touch with their customer base and stay competitive because DAM provides the efficiency and high level organization required to manage large numbers of digital media and brand assets used for making those connections. Acquiring a good solution to fit your needs is an important step to take for proper management of a growing marketing library. Even more importantly, companies serious about staying ahead of the competition and looking to the future need to take seriously digital asset management training programs. One of the most important investments that can be made is to train your administrators and end-users on how to make the most of DAM tools and review your training methods regularly.

DAM asset management is still new enough as a field of study to make it difficult to find experts in the field of digital asset management training. Given the extremely high value of such knowledge and the quickly growing need for people who know how to manage digital assets, there will probably be a fair number of digital librarians in the years to come but in the meantime, companies with large media libraries will be wise to educate some of their own personnel with formal digital asset management training programs. Having someone on board who knows how to best apply DAM practices, where systems are headed, and ideas on how to leverage and adapt the platforms to rapidly changing marketing dynamics will be simply invaluable. Software as a Service and DAM service providers will be a huge help for the success of an organization’s DAM, but does even better when combined with key employees who have been through digital asset management training sessions.

While there is a growing focus among library and information science programs to teach areas of digital assets management, training is still an essential ingredient to the adoption and lasting success of digital asset management implementations. Check out the post "DAM and Higher Education" to see some of the higher education institutions that have Digital Asset Management courses.

Request your live product demo to learn more about digital asset management training provided with Widen DAM as a service. For some pre-recorded digital asset management training resources, check out Widen's digital asset management videos.

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