Digital Asset Management: Your Media Vault

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According to Yahoo News, a vault in Norway is near
completion that was designed to house as many species of the world’s most
important seeds as possible.  It’s being
referred to as a “doomsday vault” or even “Noah’s Ark of Food” in the event of
global catastrophe.  The belief is that
in the event of mass destruction, the vault can be opened to revitalize the
crops of the world.

Digital asset management can be similar to a “doomsday
vault” for all of your company’s assets. 
Beyond simplifying how your media is catalogued, converted and
delivered, digital asset management in a sense can operate simply as your
failsafe.  With departments and companies
now working on vast, growing networks, some sort of media repository is needed
to ensure that original and important files aren’t altered or deleted.

Digital asset management doesn’t just come in to play in the
event of a total infrastructure collapse; it can also be helpful in restoring
versions of files that have been changed incrementally over time.  With asset versioning, all previous versions
of media files are stored in the event that an incorrect change is made or an
older version of the asset is needed. 
This allows for easy resurrection of files that might have been
previously thrown on a disc and lost in the bottom drawer, or even worse,

The overall need society has for food is similar to your
reliance on the rapid finding, re-purposing or creating of marketing materials,
and delivery of digital media.  It feeds
your current clients and prospective clients. 
Without a system like digital asset management, you have to wonder if
you are going to leave them with a bad taste in their mouth?

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