Digital Asset Retouch: Color Correcting, Manipulation, and Retouching a Stainless Steel Cookware Set in Photoshop CS4

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For this weeks example I chose a shiny cookware set. The original file was a 4 x 5 transparency film that was oil mounted and drum scanned into the Adobe98 color-space. Two hours later, after cloning out all the wonderful dirt spots from the oh so nasty dust and scratch laden drum, I applied a basic levels and curve move to color correct the file into a good starting base. My client wanted the cutting board removed and the cookware set repositioned. Easy enough, except the cutting board was reflected in two of the three pans!

I started out by creating a fresh slate of the background with nothing on it. I masked off each of the individual items. One by one I positioned the items in the appropriate spot. Additionally I had to add a drop shadow to realistically anchor the product to the background. The cutting board was masked out and any remaining reflections on the pans were removed as well. Finally, for a realistic effect, I duplicated the reflected products, and pasted the reflections inside the pans reflecting side walls. This was accomplished by masking off the side of the pan and transforming the reflected  product for a realistic angle. The final step required me to neutralize the file and adjust the color with curves for a bit higher contrast and a slightly bluer cast. The file was converted using the “convert to profile” command in photoshop into the GRACoL color space. This color space represents a CMYK total ink density near 320, and is suitable for coated sheet-fed press printing at line screens of 150, 175, and 200 lpi.

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