Digital Sampling for the NFL Hot Market

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Are you ready for some football?  Week 2 of the NFL football season is this weekend and are you all geared up for the big game?  Who’s your team?  Where do you go to purchase team apparel?  Do you purchase NFL apparel from a catalog or online?

If you’ve purchased an NFL jersey or other officially-licensed NFL apparel item by Reebok online or from a catalog, then those images that sold you on the product were likely created by Widen.  Widen’s digital sampling department from the premedia services and color management division digitally creates all of the Reebok NFL apparel and Adidas NBA jerseys and apparel you see online or in print. 

Widen’s ability to digitally create product images allows apparel catalogers and e-tailers to sell to “shop anywhere” consumers before the physical products are available.  Take for example the “hot market” demands when a player is traded, such as Brett Favre for example. 

Widen apparel marketing technology and services help apparel marketers achieve first to market goals because their channel partners can instantly retrieve and post official product images to e-commerce websites as soon as they’re available digitally.  Widen’s web-based digital media management software allows apparel marketers to distribute product images to their sales and marketing channels quickly and cost-effectively, versus distributing physical product samples.  Widen also helps apparel marketers enforce brand recognition / consistency and carry the continuity of the products across multiple channels to match the quality of their physical products.  Plus, since the apparel marketers are supplying their dealers with official product imagery, it saves the retailer the added time and cost for capturing and preparing their own images. 

Brett Favre Jets Jersey Digital Sample

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