Digital Sampling – Not Just for Music

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Guest Blog Post from Amanda Jenny, Widen Client Services Assistant, about digital sampling, a specialized prepress service from Widen’s color management and prepress services side. 

In the field of digital sampling, disk jockeys have recently started using 'mash-ups' - new compositions created by combining the rhythm tracks of one song and the vocal track of another. My favorite example, DJ Danger Mouse remixed the vocals from Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' White Album and called his creation The Grey Album. Although I would like to be referred to as DJ Jazzy Amanda, Digital Sampling at Widen takes on a whole new meaning. 

Our process begins with the physical product, weather it’s a football jersey, t-shirt or pair of socks.  We photograph the product and then the magic happens.  All the color is removed from the photographed product image and a neutral is created.  Once the neutral is created, any color, graphic or application can be applied to the image.  For example, we photographed the front and back of this jersey.  The images were neutralized and combined to form this view.

Widen Neutral Digital Samples
After the images were neutralized we can add graphics and applications for our customers to use on their websites or in print ads.

Widen 'Cardinal' Digital SamplesOur ‘mash-ups’ are compositions of physical products and digital images. I like to think Jay-Z would approve.

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