Does That Come in a Bigger / Better / Faster Version?

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The incompatibility with the 3G network has been a black
mark on the iPhone ever since it was introduced nearly a year ago.  Users expect the fastest data network
available for use on their high end gadgets, with phones no longer being an
exception.  Computer processers that
exceed most users’ needs, more megapixels than the average shooter would ever
know what to do with and even shoes with wireless connections to monitor
exercise.  Bigger, better and faster are
all expectations that are regularly associated with consumer goods, but what
about enterprise applications?

It seems like individuals are more content to sit back and
not explore other options even if they know their workflow or  software is outdated and not allowing them to
function efficiently.  There are obvious
pitfalls to seeking new technology such as budget approvals, lethargic system
users or even outdated hardware not being able to accommodate for new, large
applications that are going to eat up memory and processing capabilities.  What if in the future that wasn’t a
worry?  What if new solutions was
available and essentially laughed in the face of these problems?  Well the future is now.

Hosted applications required an internet connection.  That’s it. 
No hardware upgrades or increased bandwidth, nothing.  Just internet.  And as far as user adoption goes, anyone
competent in consumer search engines or sites such as Google or Amazon have already
been trained as users.  How
convenient!  And the feared budget
discussion…not even an issue.  Every
single client has been shown an ROI inside of one year with Widen. 

Is it really Bigger? 
Better?  Faster?!?!  Yes, yes and yes.  Our Media Collective application provides you
with an online portal for as many users as you wish with absolutely NO size
limitations to what you can place in the collective.  And faster is easy with conversions on the
fly and immediate delivery of assets to users. 
We will help you through the set up and any questions or concerns you
may have along the way, but there is one thing we can’t do…tell you what to do
with all of the spare time you’re going to have.

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