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As product manager of Backdrop™ – Widen’s new photography routing and approval application, I’m excited to see the response we are getting from our beta application of Backdrop.  Several clients have done field testing of Backdrop – and the feedback has been great.  Everyone comments on how user friendly the application is along with how great it is to be able to comment directly onto images.  No more telephone tag or trying to describe things over the telephone.

Picture this scenario.  Creative Director in Lincoln, Nebraska working with photographer in New York.  Creative Director makes phone call to photographer after receiving images via email.

Creative Director:  “Do you see that spot on the wall?  I don’t like it."

Photographer:  “What are you talking about?  I don’t see any spot on the wall.”

Creative Director:  “That spot – get rid of that spot on the wall behind the countertop.  Top left, can’t you see it?  It’s showing up on my crappy low res jpeg you emailed me.”

Photographer:  “You’re crazy.  There’s no spot on the wall.  I’m charging you overtime for this photo shoot.”  Click.

If they were using Backdrop – no calls – no trying to describe comments over the phone.  The Creative Director views the high res image online (from her Lincoln office) and is able to zoomify the entire image.  She comments directly on the image and clicks reshoot.  The photographer automatically receives an email and views the image along with the comment.  How simple is that?

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