Does Your Company Need DAM Software?

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Digital Asset LibraryDigital Asset Management. It’s also known as DAM and during the past few years, it has become a booming buzz phrase in the realm of marketing technology.

The reason that we keep seeing and hearing so much about digital asset management is because it reflects a growing need to adequately organize and manage large libraries of digital marketing content. As for your company, there is a pretty good chance that it needs digital asset management tools, otherwise you wouldn’t have come to this blog and wouldn’t be reading this post.

It might be that your in-house servers have finally reached a critical point where they just can’t be used to host any more videos, images, or large documents. Even if your company had bought new servers to host a growing corporate image library, there is a good chance that management and/or IT wants a better solution than investing in more hardware internally.

It could also be that user access to the large number of your company’s digital assets has become so chaotic and out of control that employees in California are using old, outdated logos, while those in Texas are making up their own. A branch in Florida might be using new and improved assets, but management is hardly aware of it because they have lost all control of their own digital marketing content.

You might also be a marketing coordinator who is simply fed up with spending half of every day trying to fulfill requests for images and other digital assets. Sales and marketing reps in the field contact you with the request instead of having the capability to find the assets on their own. You then become immediately stressed out because you spend time carrying out multiple searches to locate those assets instead of focusing on the core tasks you were hired for.

Yet another reason why you are pretty sure that DAM asset management could be the answer to your problems is because you keep getting this sense of déjà vu every time you put together marketing materials. You know that you have set up similar materials and packages on several occasions in the past, but because it’s too difficult or time consuming to find those assets, you opt for redoing them.

To see that you aren’t alone in needing solutions to your DAM problems, see these survey results that assess the core DAM needs of a variety of companies. Taking the survey will also help you to understand how digital asset management programs can solve your digital asset issues. You may also take a look at a longer breakout of the uses of DAM.

You are pretty sure that there has to be a better way of managing assets, and guess what? You are absolutely right! Widen Software as a Service for DAM provides easy solutions to these and other problems. Take the DAM Assessment Survey and then take the tour on your own to see how Widen can help solve your DAM issues.

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