Doing Nothing Will Get You Nowhere, Ode to the Hosted Solution

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“Spending Freeze,” “Cut Budgets,” “No New Spending.”  I hear these phrases on a daily basis.  I agree with you, times are tough and money is tight, but are you just going to stop marketing and creating files?  I want to meet the company that during a recession completely stops marketing and see how they come out.  I know you’re committed to your company and its financial stability, and so are we. Right now you need to be marketing harder but more efficiently. You need to cut costs so reallocate and spend wiser.

This line of thinking always baffles me when people are evaluating an installed software solution.  This “old school” approach was appropriate for the past, but has to have a huge justification in this new economy.  The costs are enormous compared to SaaS models.  Take the high cost of hardware, personnel to run it, third party updates and maintenance, massive storage consumption of video (hottest tool in marketing right now)… I don’t want to see that bill!  Then to top it off it’s an 8-12 month implementation?  To anyone who knows the evolution of software, also knows how out of date that “new” software is now. (4 upgrades a year with Widen at no extra cost of course.)

Hosted digital asset management software models are the new way of managing and distributing the rich media that is the lifeblood of your marketing and sales efforts.  Installed solutions are still trying to hold on to that age-old defense of web-based security and ownership.  You still own your assets, and the security is just as good, if not better.  This is why you are seeing all the major players in the DAM installed software side rolling out hosted solutions.  SaaS, cloud computing, digital asset management, social media... these are the terms of now!

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