Earth Day Reminds Us to Conserve…Digital Media

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Earth Day reminds us that there are many areas of our lives
where we could cut back, conserve and do a little bit more for the
environment.  While to many this means
carpooling, making sure lights aren't left on in empty rooms and exploring the use
of more environmentally friendly every-day products, there is also a
conservation that could be going on in both marketing and creative departments.

Marketing and creative images and collateral materials used
for brochure creation and brand management a lot of times are managed through
cluttered hard drives and spread across several locations.  Perhaps conserving your time used in
searching for these images and also the memory needlessly used in redundant
saving could be a possible business application of Earth Day principles.

While digital asset management (DAM) isn’t the most familiar
topic to everyone, there are several inherent benefits of having one
centralized, searchable database of all vital branded materials.  Brand management can become a simple process with
approvals and access only being granted to the correct materials and logos, as
well as digital media distribution becoming a simple task with media routing
and conversion on the fly.  This stealthy
process allows you to direct required media to the correct individuals in a
timely fashion, while also having some comfort in the fact that you know it
will be arriving in the correct format.

While there will be a lot of talk surrounding today’s events
regarding reducing our carbon footprint and renewable energy resources, but
maybe it’s time to improve on the efficiency of your efforts.  Sometimes it is as simple as remembering the
“Three R’s” that we all learned as kids. 
Reduce wasted memory and time spend on scattered digital media. Reuse
approved branded materials with no worry of corrupting the brand image. Recycle
old logos and branded materials to the archives once they have become obsolete
or no longer effective. 

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