Earth Day: The 7 Green Values of Digital Asset Management

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1.  Recycle your digital assets in something new.

Recycling your assets in new projects and media channels prevents the loss of potentially useful content, reducing the energy required to re-create misplaced materials.

2.  Reduce administration, re-work and time to market with new materials.

Reducing the amount of time and resources (human or technology) required to recreate, locate, re-process and use promotional materials increases the overall productivity and effectiveness of the people responsible for creating them.

3.  Reuse your digital assets again and again.

Reusing digital assets across new promotional materials, channels and more people increases their impact and value, in addition to driving a consistent message.

4.  Retrieve your digital assets anywhere, anytime.

Retrieving promotional materials using a powerful, easy-to-use system makes it possible to re-apply the efforts invested in the creation of those assets.  

5.  Repurpose your digital assets across multiple media and selling channels.

Repurposing promotional materials in a variety of mediums using workflow automation increases the effectiveness of the asset and the person using the asset and increases consistency of your brand message across multiple channels.

6.  Respond to changing market conditions, consumer demands and selling situations.

Responding quickly to changing market conditions, consumer demands and selling situations with resources and promotional materials adequately satisfying the need helps increase marketing agility and brand equity. 

7.  Realize a Return on Marketing Investments.

ROI, as in justifying expectations of performance and cost savings (hard & soft), is a fundamental factor for marketing decisions dealing with new technologies, resources, and projects.

Digital Asset Management helps you realize a quick ROI from implementation to ongoing maintenance and support, in addition to helping you increase ROI for the creation, use and effectiveness of digital media.  

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