Easier Repurposing of Brand Assets with DAM Software

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Recycle and Repurpose Your Digital AssetsOne of the nicest aspects of digital assets is that they can be easily reworked into formats that fit the marketing occasion. For example, logos from a digital image library that have been successfully used on their own can be reused in presentations and incorporated into videos to take full advantage of their branding power and marketing prowess.

Due to the ease in which digital assets can be distributed and viewed by large numbers of people, such “repurposing” is a major strength of digital images and videos. However, just as with all marketing materials found in a corporate image library, some logos are better than others so it would be best to know which assets are worthy of being repurposed and which should be avoided until they can be improved upon or discontinued.

A few of the ways that digital asset management tools help in this regard are:

Analytics – If you don’t have a DAM system then you will probably have trouble with really knowing which assets are worthy of being repurposed because how will you even be able to analyze which videos or images are showing a ROI when they aren’t even organized? Ok, so there may be some organization of assets available through file sharing but it will be very primitive compared to clear and easy categorization of digital assets with metadata in a DAM system. The nature in which assets are organized with DAM makes it feasible to analyze which assets are showing a positive ROI and thus worthy of being used in various formats. Repurposing of assets becomes even simpler when the DAM system is provided by the Software as a Service model because vendor supplied project managers and customer service agents help clients learn how to use analytic tools associated with the brand management software.

Off-site hosting – With off-site digital asset hosting, the uploading and downloading of digital media by many users that happen to be large files becomes drastically easier than attempting to rapidly access and widely distribute large, rich media from in house servers. Once the decision is made to repurpose a valuable video or image, DAM with off-site hosting allows a large number of users to simultaneously gain access to the asset for quick reuse and repurposing.

Centralized control – One of the principle benefits of digital asset management, centralized control not only ensures that the most valuable assets are repurposed but also the extent to which they are repurposed by controlling user access.

Request a demo or take the tour on your own to learn more about how Software as a Service engineered by Widen can help with repurposing assets.

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