Emphasizing the Value of Service with Digital Asset Management Solutions

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Everyone is faced with resource challenges of tighter budgets, juggling of priorities, and lack of time to dedicate to new projects. At the same time, marketing organizations are expected to increase efficiency and productivity. In short, you’re expected to do more with less, agree?

But how are you to balance current workloads and increase efficiency to include technology projects where you have no prior experience? You need help! Really, it’s more a matter of getting help to jump-start a project so that you may feel confident in keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities ongoing. In the end, we all have the same objective of advancing our marketing operations to help our organization’s surpass its goals and prepare ourselves for greater successes in the long run.

Digital Asset Management as a Service

Every modern marketer tasked with creating and delivering marketing materials to support the advancement of a brand and facilitate revenue growth needs a DAM system. If they don’t yet know they need some form of digital asset management, they surely realize that they require a better means of managing a rapidly growing corporate image library than their local shared drive. It’s not just images and documents anymore either as marketers have collections of video, audio, animations and other forms of rich media. Beyond a place to keep it all organized, there’s the need for easier controls over who can access these digital assets. We don’t see much argument in that regard.

In our every day dealings with marketers looking for “a better way,” we’re finding that digital asset management tools are becoming a necessity, but this need is typically pushed aside or taken over by the dozen other projects that keep them up at night. In reality, DAM software can actually help balance at least half of those time consuming projects. Everything from preparing the next set of campaign materials, getting ready for a trade show, and making sure your sales teams have what they need to be ready for the upcoming product launch can be made easier with digital asset management programs. If that’s the case, then one has to wonder why anyone would forego making use of DAM for any marketing project? I mean, we already know that brand asset management software will seriously boost efficiency, improve brand consistency, and help you get more return from your already existing marketing investments. SaaS DAM is one solution that can be deployed very easily to give you that boost you need.

Let me be very clear, SaaS DAM does not mean “hands off” on your end, it means “hand holding.”

In fact, with Widen Software as a Service, the company begins faithfully “walking” hand in hand with customers from the moment an inquiry is made and keeps providing support for as long as they use Widen products. This process of “hand holding” while customers maintain complete control of their digital assets is outlined below:

Before the Purchase
We demonstrate our strong, service oriented philosophy as soon as you contact us.

  • Friendly, responsive service from any of our marketing, sales, customer support, and product management teams
  • Access to large collections of educational materials and resources
  • Complete transparency about deliverables, expectations, and costs
  • Full featured demos and hands-on learning with sandboxes and trials

Customers are given as much time, resources, and attention they need to fully evaluate and compare Widen solutions with all options.

We do everything we can to help you learn how to make the most out of your DAM system deployment.

  • Guided step-by-step process with the help of a Project Management Professional
  • Key decisions made in manageable chunks, starting with the Site Survey kickoff and planning meeting
  • Your branded web-based digital asset management site created by your Widen Project Manager
  • Your data (existing assets and metadata) is uploaded by Widen and mapped appropriately
  • Widen infrastructure teams take care of all the technical back-end
  • A Widen Project Manager configures your DAM site structure including categorization and cataloging of assets, and user roles and permissions in accordance with your governance needs
  • Ongoing training for admins on how to fully administrate all content and users
  • Training for admins focusing on metadata and its role in a successful launch and user adoption
  • Time for closed beta testing, feedback, and modification

The key goal of implementation is to provide you with the confidence to administer and make the most of your DAM tools and processes moving forward.

Launch – Your branded web-based DAM site is live!
Once your DAM site is up, running, and ready to help your boost efficiency, we offer the support you need to ensure that you are getting the most out of your DAM software solution.

  • Personalized training sessions provided for all general users
  • Widen-staffed Help Desk provided for all users to find answers to their questions
  • Ongoing assistance with education, training materials, and user guides
  • Assistance in promoting the existence and benefits of your DAM system with emails, videos, presentations, and PDFs to encourage user adoption

Post Implementation
Even if user adoption has been successful and you are using your DAM system to its full potential, we want to make sure that it stays that way.


  • Project Management check-ins at one and three months post launch
  • Continued availability of Widen Project Services and Customer Service teams
  • If needed, assistance in restructuring metadata models to optimize quick search, category structure, and updates to Roles & Permissions to account for organizational changes, etc.
  • User Survey design, feedback mechanisms, and analysis as needed
  • Help in understanding reporting and analytics to understand system usage, popular assets, obsolete content, etc.

As long as you keep using your Widen DAM solution, we will be there at all times to provide whatever support is needed at all user levels.



  • Technical Support – Upgrades, Maintenance and Security
  • User Support – Help Desk, Training and Q&A
  • Admin Support – Shared Best Practices, continued training & Administration Assistance as needed
  • Assistance in creating / manipulating digital assets with Widen Premedia Services  – Photography, Color Retouching, Page Building, Creative, etc.
  • Continued technology advancements to help you make the most of your digital assets and marketing channels

As you can see from the process described above, at Widen, we emphasize the fact that we provide Software as a Service because we mean it! Once you sign up, we will be there to help you along the way while still helping you maintain complete control over your digital assets.

Request a demo or sign up for a sandbox to trial the DAM Software as a Service solutions from Widen.


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