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In preparation of Widen Enterprises attending the PhotoPlus trade show in NYC, we had a photo shoot for our booth graphics yesterday.  We are promoting our photography management application - Backdrop™ at this show and were trying to come up with something that not only catches the attention of attendees, but also provides some visual representation of this application.  As I mentioned in a million other posts, Backdrop is used by creative teams and photographers for reviewing, commenting, and approving images.  Anyway, we shot the images (thanks Brett!  thanks Bryon!) and upon completion, uploaded them to our digital asset management application – Widen Media Collective.

Instead of messing around with burning them to disk or putting them in some file folder –where no one can find them – we uploaded them to a place where they can actually be FOUND and USED!  Unbelievable!  It sounds so simple – and it is – yet thousands of businesses struggle each day with organizing their images, finding images from last years photo shoot, and getting them in the hands (in the correct format) to those who need to use them.  By having a web-based DAM application, I can send these images to our retoucher, our designer … or better yet – I can give them permissions to log into site and select the image(s) they need and order them in the format they need (eps, tiff, jpeg – no problem!).  Anything our designer needs for putting together promotional materials for PhotoPlus is easily accessible!

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