Even YOUR customers will "love" your Widen digital asset management system

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It’s true that brand asset management systems are a tool for marketing organizations. But, in many ways, they also become a marketing group’s product. More specifically, your digital asset library becomes a product that your marketing organization (whether it’s an agency or an internal group) offers to people both inside and outside of your company.

And, as with any other product, customer satisfaction matters. After all, don’t you want reporters, distributors and sales partners to be satisfied with — even happy about — what it’s like to deal with your brand?

At Yankee Candle, they’ve found that their customers “love” using a Widen-powered DAM system to find and retrieve digital assets.

“They just love that self service aspect,” said Lisa Gauvin of Yankee Candle. “A lot of our customers, because they're small mom and pop shops, they have to hire external web developers or external marketing agencies to come in on a particular day at a particular time and do work for them.”

Because effective DAM systems shorten the time it takes to fulfill asset requests, Yankee Candle has found that having one in place means an immediate savings for those of your customers and partners who have staff on the clock to use your assets … sometimes just getting paid to wait for you to get them the images they need. In other words, when you have good digital asset management software in place, you’re immediately helping just about everyone you deal with work smarter.

This is especially true when it comes to on-the-fly file conversions. In some cases, people get paid not only to wait for their assets to arrive, but also to convert those files into the formats they need. For instance, a customer’s web developer or designer might need to use a video or image you provide. Do your customers want to pay that person to convert from TIFF to PNG when you could have made the PNGs available to begin with?

Here’s a portion of our chat with Lisa Gauvin:

What could Widen Media Collective do for you? Check out our demos to see just how easy it is to learn and use our DAM system. Then get in touch. We’re happy to chat about how we could help you and your customers work smarter.

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