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“We can exchange assets with greater efficiency and ease between departments, the different business units, and our vendors.” – Quinn Larson, Behr

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Before implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system, images were scattered throughout the Behr organization. Some lived with outside vendors and some were with different departments in different buildings.

Quinn Larson, project manager of Color Marketing at Behr Process Corporation, remembers having to go through one of her co-worker's desks. “I sat at her desk at her computer, going through about five external drives trying to find an asset that we had,” Quinn says. “It was a lot of running around. It was a lot of time invested in trying to track them [images] down.”

It’s been five years since Behr implemented their DAM system, the Widen Collective®. In this episode of the Widen Podcast, Quinn shares many of the lessons learned while implementing and using their DAM system.

Quinn’s advice for implementing a DAM system across a company

  • Keep it simple. This is a theme Quinn’s colleague Richard Carlson emphasized in his interview as well, so take note. DAM systems like the Collective can support complex roles and permissions. But Quinn emphasized that just because you can create a lot of restrictions doesn’t mean you should, especially during your initial setup. Quinn and her team learned that they over thought their permission structure which prevented departments from accessing everything they needed.
  • Hire a DAM admin as soon as possible. A DAM admin has many responsibilities and typically brings the unique skill set of a librarian. That’s why Quinn says to get a DAM admin on board as fast as you can to help manage the system, especially at implementation.” This person will help guide the process and teach people about the value of the system and how to use it.
  • Survey your company. Quinn recommends complementing meeting in person with key stakeholders by surveying the greater company. This will help give you an understanding of what assets users across your business create, need, and use. You’ll then be better prepared to create an easy-to-navigate DAM system.
  • Think about those outside of your office. Behr’s Public Relations agency has their own permissions to use the DAM system and it’s helping them work faster. “It’s just a really easy way to have them search in a controlled group of images to find what they need to deliver in a more timely manner than we could ourselves,” says Quinn. “So we found that we don’t miss opportunities to be represented in the media if we allow our vendors to have access.”
  • Know that your DAM needs will evolve. As your business grows and changes, so will your DAM needs. Accept this and be willing to learn as you develop your DAM strategy.

For the full story, listen to episode 13 of the Widen Implementation Podcast. Episode topics include:

  • Life before a DAM system
  • Launching a DAM system across the company
  • Tips for DAM training
  • DAM system governance
  • How DAM supports their public relations agency

Listen to episode 13

Want to hear more? Listen to the bonus soundbites:


The Widen Implementation Podcast helps customers prepare for and execute their DAM system rollout. Each episode features conversations with a DAM champion who has implemented the Collective. We hope that these podcasts will equip future Widen customers with the tips and insights they need to execute their own successful implementation.

About our guest
As a member of the Behr Color Marketing team, Quinn Larson-Pierce is a 10+ year Behr veteran. Quinn advises media on Behr’s latest color trends and offerings and manages all color-related projects and content. Prior to joining the Behr team, Quinn worked as a Hollywood special effects makeup artist and as a national trainer for a makeup line.

Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., Masco Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of branded home improvement and building products. Masco has four product categories and a portfolio of well-known, leading brands. One of the brands is Behr, a dynamic company that actively embraces quality and innovation to bring their customers the best in paints, primers, stains, and other specialty products and services. Behr's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to integrity and to doing the right thing has been the cornerstone of their success since 1947.

About our host
Bill Banham is a marketing and publishing professional based in Toronto. He is the founder of the HR Gazette and Iceni Marketing as well as the co-founder of the WorkingTech show and the InnovateWork event series. Bill hosts several CPSA podcast shows on topics including social selling and tech, business strategy, and sales strategy.

Listen to more episodes from the Widen Implementation Podcast series.

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