Finding the Right DAM System for HSM

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Finding the right DAM system is no easy task. With a multitude of solutions among various classes, delivery models, and specialties, there are a number of considerations. This is the third video in the series of Widen customer interviews with Augusto Rovegno, Business Development & Programming Manager, at HSM – organizer of the World Business Forum and World Innovation Forum. In this video, Augusto talks about finding the right DAM system for HSM now and into the future. Understanding the key users’ needs is part of the process as Augusto explains, “We generally tried to focus on the people who used the system, either from the developing insights or we spoke to developers who had created similar systems but for their own use. So it wasn't systems that were out there for us to purchase or to license but people who had experience in building these types of things.”

In addition to considering users needs and concerns for usability, Augusto explains how they looked at things that they've used in the past that were based on digital asset management systems. For example, he talks about The NewsMarket as a tool they've used that was very similar to what they were looking for. A lot of basis for finding the right DAM system was related to prior experiences with common functionalities among other systems. In addition to pulling together past experiences and comparable technologies, they looked at some white papers and conducted research of their own by looking at reviews and references but experience was the best driver. Other practices for finding the right DAM system include participating in a pilot program or sandbox trial offer.

Beyond experience with similar technologies, Augusto goes on to say the two most critical things they looked for in finding the right DAM system were scalability and flexibility. This was mainly because they've just entered the digital space and reorganizing in a way that what they have today is not what they want to have tomorrow. HSM plans to grow and grow rapidly so they need a DAM system that is scalable and flexible to accommodate an organization that is very dynamic and changes rapidly. The last major factor in finding the right DAM system is one that is simple. Not being experts in the subject, HSM didn't want something that was extremely complex, but it needed to be scalable and flexible but simple at the same time.

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