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A First Look at the New Widen UX

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UX Team 2017-32

For the last several months, we’ve traveled around the world observing your teams, your environment, and your culture to learn how you communicate, connect, and contribute. You’ve shared with us the big and small things you need to get it all what have we learned?

You want a broader solution.

You want a simpler experience.

Good news: Your new user experience is on its way.

We listened to your feedback and then went deeper with our recent connectivity researchA few key discoveries shaped the UX we’re about to deliver.

  1. Personal experience. Users want to showcase their work, see what their peers are up to, and feel that they’re contributing to a greater cause. Our research indicates that 71% of people feel calm, confident, and engaged when they’re connected at work, underscoring our core human need to belong.
  2. Simple searching. The majority of casual users — about 95% of our users — rely on keyword search. They expect quick results. Many are pressed for time or get frustrated by searching so they turn to “finders,” the resourceful few who track down content for their colleagues.
  3. Connecting content. More and more users are looking for automated ways to organize their content and want to be prompted with new, relevant content in the moment.
  4. UX of marketing tools. When it comes to UX, people don’t distinguish between tools for work and tools for their personal life. They expect a delightful experience with both. 67% of users told us that a user interface would make them more loyal to one tool over another.

Based on your input, we’re broadening our solution while simplifying the UX. It’s time to evolve.

In the last year, we’ve expanded our core offering into a system of tools that support content management while simplifying the UX. More applications and experiences mean more support for your creative, marketing, and sales operations. Assets (formerly DAM) is the foundation. Insights is the data machine behind Assets. Portals is an extension of Assets — the polished, public face of your brand content. Templates is your toolset for localized, print-ready content. Workflow delivers a get-it-done creative workflow management solution. Together, Assets, Insights, Portals, Templates, and Workflow make up the Widen Collective platform that powers your content lifecycle.

We’ve translated this app ecosystem into a visual identity with icons to represent each app. The app icons shown in the video below represent the lifecycle. The simple geometry is deliberate. Pixels are the atomic building blocks of any piece of content, so squares, rectangles, and triangles form our new visual identity. Watch the story behind our icons.

At last year’s Widen Summit, we announced an initiative to simplify and declutter the UX, starting with our interface. In the coming months, you’ll see a transition underway, a new visual identity for the Collective. Attributes like nature, longevity, boldness, distinctiveness, and our history have shaped our visual transformation.

You’ll see the first part of the transformation later this year with a new platform navigation system to help you move between apps with ease. This is foundational to the idea that the Collective is evolving to support an end-to-end content lifecycle.

With the navigation change, we’re launching a new entry point into the Collective. Our vision is a flexible experience that resonates with the user, not a one-size-fits all space. We want to foster a personal experience where the user feels in control and can organize, relate, and connect content seamlessly.

You may have noticed that we adopted a new font for improved readability. Its square letter style makes it easier to read in smaller sizes. We chose a neutral style to shift the emphasis to your content and off of our design. You’ll notice more of this font style throughout the product in the coming year.

A comparison of Source Sans Pro and Helvetica Neue

You spoke up. We listened and evolved. Stay tuned for more news on how we’re transforming the Collective to better support you, our customers.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you!
Deanna and the UX Team

Topics: Culture & Company, Product Updates

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