Get your branded Proof of Concept (POC) and experience a free trial of the Widen Collective

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You’ve researched the DAM landscape and narrowed your short list of vendors. Now you want to compare the solutions to see which one best fits your needs. Here’s your initial checklist:

  1. Watch a short demo video. - Check
  2. Take a self-guided tour in a demo site. - Check
  3. Get a personalized live demo. - Check

Now, what? … a Sandbox? … a Bake-off?

Better yet, how about your very own Proof of Concept (POC) – of the Widen Collective – in a live environment, branded just for you.

We want you to “try before you buy.” Don’t just take a stroll around the block, get behind the wheel and take a real test drive. Better yet, take it for a month long world tour and see all the great things you can do with a cloud-based DAM system that works for you.

Here’s why thorough testing of a solution is critical to your technology evaluation process.

  • You need to hold a bake-off evaluation between your shortlisted options. Have a scorecard that puts the 10 characteristics of DAM system to the test, but be sure to follow your must-have and nice-to-have wish lists according to your persona-based scenarios.
  • Get proof that the tool performs as it says it will and meets your standards. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving or a house without a full walkthrough. User testing is key to user adoption. You need to answer, "Is this a system our team can use daily?" Moreover, “Is this a system the groups that rely on our team will use daily?” Map out all the key user groups that will have a stake in your DAM system now and later.
  • Uncover additional opportunities for using the solution within your organization. Demos typically focus on core use cases, but as teams test they'll start to identify other ways the solution can help in different areas. See what else a DAM system can do to extend assets from a central source of truth. Explore integrations with your other marketing technology solutions.
  • Prove to your stakeholders and decision makers that your team can hit the ground running without a major resource investment upfront. DAM can be challenging and take time. The ROI may be unclear in the beginning. Get ahold of the technology solutions as you strategize your processes so your teams can work together to achieve your goals content ROI, speed to market and brand management.

What you get with a Widen Proof of Concept (POC) site:

  • Your own Widen Collective site in a full production environment.
  • Setup with your branding, a start to your custom categories, custom metadata, user roles and access permissions.
  • Active permissions to fully configure the solution to get a feel for the global admin role.
  • 30-day free trial to upload, download and do as much as you want to get a true feel for the tool.
  • Support from your dedicated Widen Advisor, access to Widen University training resources, and Widen Collective Support Center.

Talk to an advisor to get more information on how to qualify for your own branded POC.

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