Getting to know Robert Rose: The 7th era of marketing, content creation management and his take on digital asset management

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We recently teamed up with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of the Content Marketing Institute, to create two papers. They strengthen the ties between digital asset management and two key content marketing trends of our time — agile marketing and visual storytelling.

Our first paper was written for marketing pros:
Digital Assets Should Be Agile, Not Fast
How agile teams, assets and processes create collaborative content, better brands and faster content marketing.

Here’s an excerpt that shows why good DAM is critical to building an agile content marketing machine.

“Today’s successful content marketer requires that digital asset creation be collaborative so that assets can be re-used and re-purposed efficiently across multiple channels. That collaboration is only possible with a process that is powered by the marketers themselves. And this new, agile process is one that must be focused on the creation, publishing, re-use and measurement of rich media, as opposed to one that’s focused on finding, limiting, governing and archiving assets.”

Digital Assets Should Be Agile, Not Fast

Our second paper was written for creative pros:  
Great Visual Storytelling Takes A Village
How the four Cs — collaborate, customize, communicate and connect — help the community of business manage their digital assets. 

Here’s an excerpt that connects content management to the content-driven experience era that delights customers with brand immersion. 

"Enterprises are now functioning as content factories, producing massive mountains of digital files that spew forth from marketing — like a giant Dr. Seuss machine — and land squarely on the back of the content wagon being towed. How much that wagon acts as a differentiator, or as a weight that hinders forward progress, depends on how well the content is managed.

This evolution is one where we see content-driven experiences as a primary area of focus for forward-leaning brands. In our new book ‘Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing,’ my co-author Carla Johnson and I write:

In this new era of marketing, unique, impactful, differentiating content-driven experiences will become as important as product development. Successful marketers will adapt and change in a constantly evolving media operation that focuses on creating delightful experiences to inform, entertain, engage and evolve the customer.”

Not only do these two papers have their own practical merits, they are also a great way for you to get to know Robert’s point of view a bit better, before the release of his second book, "Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing," later this month.

About Robert Rose

We’ve now entered the “experience” era of marketing, characterized by marketing's ability to delight audiences with content-driven experiences that make customers feel immersed in the value of the presenting brand. We, modern marketers, create, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences, so that marketing can live up to the distinction of being the type of unique and distinguishing business operation that was first described by Peter Drucker 60 years ago.

As I mentioned last week, we recently saw Robert’s seventh era presentation first-hand at the BMA Milwaukee luncheon. It’s important to fully understand the implications of this era of content-driven experience and how best to utilize its driving forces to add greater value for our customers and differentiate our businesses from the competition, by following efficient practices for creating, managing, promoting and scaling our content.

This new book shows WHY marketing trends continue to drive business into this new type of era and HOW best to build and manage content creation, to create an active, functioning process for delivering the kind of content-driven experiences that we need.

Here are a few more bits of information for you to continue learning about this new era:

Check out this Google Hangouts interview with Robert Rose, by Steve Farnsworth of CMO TV, Understanding The Seventh Era of Marketing: Experiences.

View this SlideShare from Robert Rose, Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing.

The most relevant thing that stood out to me as a content marketer within the digital asset management space, was the idea that, according to Robert Rose, nothing and everything has changed. That statement, and the following three supporting points described in the book, are crucial to the central purpose of content marketing — to add uniqueness and value for our customers.

Excerpt from "Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing" on SlideShare

Digital asset management allows all participants connected to the content marketing process to deploy the right visual content and digital assets to the right channel, in the right format, at the right time, for the right audience.

Lastly, the following is a holistic model that shows an adaptable process we can follow when managing content creation, a worthwhile but sometimes overwhelming process, for any size marketer.

Excerpt from "Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing" on SlideShare

Digital asset management more clearly comes into play here in its role as a type of supporting content technology, which creates, organizes, manages and measures resident marketing content throughout various phases.

Want to talk more about the connection between DAM and content marketing? I welcome a conversation anytime! Contact us or tweet @jakeathey.

For more information regarding the release Robert Rose’s book and access to it, visit

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