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Have you ever sat down to think about the brands you love and rely on in your personal and professional life? What is it that makes you so loyal to them? Whether it’s a unique service, product offering or functionality, we bet at least one major benefit stands out. And in some cases, when a brand is truly compelling, it might be hard to imagine your life without it.

What we’re talking about here is the user experience, which is an integral part of your brand. In fact, we see brand and user experience as one in the same. That’s why we focus so much of our attention on the total experience you have with Widen — beyond the digital asset management software we’ve created.

What does the Widen Experience feel like?

Similar to our company culture, the Widen customer culture is about feeling:

  • Free from strained resources and fear of failure
  • Empowered to use technology to its fullest potential so you can do your best work
  • Supported along every step of your adventure

Powerful digital asset management solutions and services are only part of the Widen Experience, which is actually a journey. You see, when you’re our customer you don't just get a proven product. You get support, when you need it, wherever you are in the world. You get expert training and guidance from the best — so your organization can shine. Plus, we connect you with hundreds of peers at our annual Widen Summit.

In addition to the support we provide, we’re also interested in what you have to say. That’s why we invite every Widen customer to contribute ideas to our roadmap, so you get to help us shape the future. We challenge ourselves to go out into the world – often your world – on a mission to bring back big ideas and solutions to the real-world issues you’re having with your visual content marketing process. The result is often a more power Media Collective, less stress, and increased efficiency.

As a Widen customer, you’re a member of our community, and we want you to capture the feeling that we’re all in this together. Saying this is one thing, but seeing is believing, which is why we’re including 10 complimentary ways (below) to experience Widen first hand.

Mostly, it’s about people helping people. It’s as simple as that!

But, it’s not that simple. We’re amazed to hear that other tech companies just don’t take care of their customers according to the standards we’ve set for nearly 70 years.


These are the words on our walls. These are the words we live by to offer the Widen Experience to all employees and all customers across hundreds of organizations, big and small, in hundreds of countries around the world. 

Since our success is dependent on yours, our question today is, how can we help you?

Begin your Widen Experience to improve organization, visibility and connectivity with all of your marketing content.

Here are 10 ways to begin your journey:

  1. Try the guest pass to get a feel for what our tools can do to help you search, share and track your content.
  1. Get the real demo experience tailored for you by a Widen Advisor and then turn loose in a trial with a branded proof of concept (POC) to really see what we’re made of.
  1. Dive into our Widen Collective Support Center to find answers to all of your questions. We promise to never leave you hanging.
  1. Learn how to champion change with Widen University. Whether you’re getting started or brushing up, education is a priority.
  1. Participate in “Live at Widen” web workshops to get the confidence and inspiration to drive meaningful change.
  1. Join us for the annual Widen Summit and Regional Meetups in NYC, Chicago and LA to network with your peers and see what we have coming up.
  1. Subscribe to the online community group on LinkedIn to ask questions of other DAMsters and subscribe to more insider tips and updates.
  1. Be part of the Widen Experience at our HQ in Madison, Wisconsin with “Work at Widen Days.” Enjoy great coffee, ultra-fast internet and real Widen people that want to meet you.
  1. Speak with a group of Media Collective masters who are happy to share tips, best practices and lessons learned.
  1. Ask us to show up at your door! Our team members would be happy to sit with you on your turf any day.

Click a button, make a phone call, send an email and take the first step to a life-changing journey with thousands of other marketing, communications, creative, library science and IT pros who are proud to subscribe to the Widen Experience everyday.

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