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In terms of marketing and sales, the Internet has simply erased some obstacles imposed by distance. Instead of waiting several days or a week in California for assets to arrive via snail mail from New York, marketing teams and sales representatives separated by vast distances can instantly send and receive materials from an online digital asset library with a push of a button. Travel costs and time constraints are eliminated when members of marketing teams residing in separate states can easily meet online and carry out the marketing operations no matter where they live as long as they have access to the Internet. A number of companies have taken advantage of this fact with subsequent growth, but functioning in distributed environments doesn’t come without its disadvantages.

Although any difficulties posed by sending and receiving large digital files such as hi-res graphics and videos can be negated by using Web-based DAM software that includes online video management, the obstacles associated with constructing marketing materials that match the vagaries of each and every region pose greater challenges. It has been demonstrated that best-in-class companies tend to centralize their digital marketing assets for a more efficient digital asset management workflow and supply chain but this unto itself still doesn’t provide a solution to creating localized materials.

Localizing Your Marketing AssetsMarketing teams located throughout the country, or world even, can certainly work in a more efficient and focused manner when marketing assets are managed from a centralized corporate image library but if team leaders and assistants need to fulfill requests for digital assets (especially when such assets are needed straight away), not only will they be wasting valuable time fulfilling requests, but they are also less likely to choose the assets that will work best for a particular region and situation than marketing teams and sales representatives who are more familiar with the target market in question.

There is, however, solutions that have been developed within DAM platforms that provide a means of easily hurdling this obstacle. As with many challenges, the solution is actually logical and quite simple but requires a fairly robust tool. In this case, the solution is to have regional marketers capable of quickly developing their own marketing materials whereas the tool is known as Dynamic Media Building – ad and brochure building software. The software application part of digital asset management programs can be as complex as administrators and corporate marketing teams want to allow, but the software itself is actually very user friendly, even for non-technical and non-creative people.

Dynamic Media Building software allows distributed marketers, sales reps and channel partners to customize marketing and sales collateral for their region or particular selling situation in a quick and easy fashion. Assets are still centralized and controlled by the corporate marketing teams, but instead of wasting valuable time putting together marketing materials that may not be suitable for each local selling environment, the marketing and sales partners who are most familiar with the local market can create and customize their own materials and instantly prepare print-ready files.

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