Good presentation at DAM NY pre-event meetup – Results from a digital asset manager survey

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After flying in for Henry Stewart New York today from Madison, WI, our CEO Matthew Gonnering and I whisked off to a DAM NY meetup at the Heartland Brewery in Midtown. These meetups happen regularly here and provide a venue for DAM admins, or digital asset managers, to share perspectives and learn. Tonight, they shared a presentation that highlighted results from a recently fielded survey about digital asset manager salaries. I admit, I was surprised to see such a good turnout.

From the survey, a few things stood out:

1. When it comes to pay, it doesn't seem to matter how educated you are in the area of DAM. Salaries are based on how many years of working experience a person has in the industry, so those people with a master's degree could actually make less money than someone who has actively worked in the industry for several years. 
2. The number of females in the industry is on the incline. You could see this in the room – it was divided pretty evenly between men and women.
3. Titles for people in the digital asset manager role range widely. The speaker noted that there isn't one common industry term as roles are all over the place. This is due in part to DAM still being a relatively young market. The path to a DAM job is very different depending on the organization, so some admins may enter through the creative door, while others come in through the technology, library or marketing door. The responsibilities of the role vary greatly too from photography to global branding. There is also no formal schooling to go through as a digital asset manager, so people often stumble on the role.
It seems this role will only grow in interest as time goes on. With executive teams taking more notice of the money their organizations save with digital asset management, there is some validation for its importance. Who knows... Maybe one day every person in that role will be called a DAMster!
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