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Highlights from the "Innovative uses for collections and sharing" webinar

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Over the past few releases, we’ve introduced, and also improved upon our collections and sharing features. They have unleashed a flurry of use cases by our customers. In this customer education webinar held on Tuesday July 29th, Al Falaschi, Widen’s customer marketing manager, and Sam Schnepf, Widen’s client development specialist, share some of these to spark ideas amongst our global admins to make use of these features within their own DAM systems. We covered the uses of personal collections, global collections, shared collections, and our stylized collection pages. 

Personal Collections

Personal collections allow you a way to group together often used assets into a collection that is only viewable by you. Workflows that benefit from personal collection are also personal in nature. If you find yourself constantly searching for the same assets over and over, that is the perfect use case scenario to create a personal collection. Then, when you log into the site at a later date, you don’t have to search and filter for those same assets again. 

This works better than downloading often used files to your desktop. In that scenario, those files are disconnected from DAM. If changes are made to the source documents in DAM, those changes will not be reflected in the files you had previously downloaded. By using personal collections, you have done the work of putting those files in an easily accessible place, but they are still connected to DAM. If changes are made to the source document, you will be getting the latest and greatest version when you do decide to download or share.

The HON Company, one of Widen’s customers, and a leading designer and manufacturer of office and education furniture, uses personal collections. The global admin for their site uses personal collections to work on images with missing metadata, and to reviewing usage of discontinued products in printed collateral.

HON Personal Collection

Shared Collections

Once you have made a personal collection, one of the things you can do is to share it with other people, both registered users of the system, and non-users. This is great if you want a select number of people to see the collection of assets, but not your entire user base. They’re also great to use when trying to select from a group of assets for a project. When you share a collection of assets, you can customize the subject and message of the email, and send to a number of different recipients. The recipient will receive an email notifying them that they’ve been shared a collection. Non-registered users will be able to click on the link and see all the assets contained in the collection. Registered users will be able to login from the collection page and be taken to DAM where they can then order the assets.

Another of Widen’s customers, Cornell University, uses shared collections to route images to be used for projects and publications. Once all potential images have been added to a collection, they are then shared with decision makers for approval, then to their photoshop expert for retouching and then finally off to external designers/printers if needed.  

Cornell University Shared Collection


Global Collections

The other thing you can do with a personal collection is to make your collection a global collection. Unlike personal collections which can only be seen by the user that made it, a Global Collection can be seen by all users with permission to see the files within them. They are a great way to group assets so they show up in search results as a group. Global collections will show up in search results and will be represented by thumbnails of the first four assets in the collection. 

They are also a great way to organize assets in a different way than your category structure. For example, if you organize your categories by “brand,” you can use global collections to also group assets by “product” across all brands. 

Red Gold, another Widen customer, produces premium quality canned tomatoes and tomato-based products. They have many different versions of logos in a number of different colors.  Keeping them stored in a global collection helps with making sure their users are seeing all of their options together in one place, and knowing that they are up to date.

Red Gold Global Collection

Stylized Collections

Last, but definitely not least, we covered our stylized collections feature. This is the newest of all the different types of collections, and it is definitely the most impactful for engaging a larger user base. Stylized collections allow you to showcase groups of assets in a branded environment, with the ability to allow downloads and share link access as well. There are a number of customization options available to you, including layout, color, image, and order. After you finish customizing the look, feel, and function of a stylized collection, you can click SHARE COLLECTION, and have the option to either email the collection to someone, get the url link, or grab an embed code. The embed code allows you to embed this “mini-session of DAM” on your website. 

Coty, Inc. is a global beauty products manufacturer and some of its main products are fragrances, color cosmetics and skin & body care products. Coty uses Stylized Collections to send approved images to retailer accounts for their .com and social media sites.  Here is a stylized collection Coty created for Sally Hansen, one of their brands, to be distributed to retailers such as Kohl's, Walmart, Sears, etc. The collection contains approved and optimized images for different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Coty Stylized Collection


We recommend watching the video recording of the webinar where you can also see and hear all of the customer workflow samples presented by Sam Schnepf for each of the types of collections. You can view the video here:

Innovative Uses of Collections and Sharing Webinar

And, if you'd like a personalized walk-through of our collections and sharing features, feel free to request a demo anytime. Or, if view more sample collections from Widen Media Collective customers here.

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