How DAM can benefit your nonprofit

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Nonprofit and for-profit organizations have a lot of fundamental similarities. They both need revenue, must market themselves, can offer products and services, often have clients, and focus on customer satisfaction. However, nonprofits need to achieve their business goals with limited resources while getting the most value from all of their investments, including technology.

Digital asset management (DAM) can have a positive impact on nonprofit organizations by helping streamline workflows and processes and analyzing content performance. The right DAM solution lets nonprofits increase their productivity and elevate the quality of their work. Simply put, DAM helps nonprofits be the best marketers they can be.

Workflow Efficiencies

There are all kinds of ways that DAM can streamline marketing operations, including:

  • Eliminating search problems with content that lives in multiple folders, servers and emails.
  • Providing a structure to organize all types of visual content.  
  • Providing content control with permissions that determine what users can see or do in a DAM system and ensuring that only approved materials are available to use.
  • Reducing the need for a content gatekeeper by allowing teams to access the content they need, when they need it.
  • Allowing a master asset to be reformatted on-the- fly, so the right version gets deployed to the right channel at the right time.
  • Customizing the ability to import and assign metadata to content assets, so teams can easily search for and get the content they need.

For a nonprofit, these efficiencies result in huge savings of key resources like time and money.

It also protects and promotes their history by making news clips, radio recordings, TV footage, photographs and web content accessible at a moment’s notice. In the nonprofit world, a proven legacy can be essential to fundraising efforts or membership generation. DAM can help teams produce content that establishes their credibility and showcases their historical achievements.

Content Analysis

DAM solutions provide valuable data for shaping an organization’s content strategy. Analytics tools allow teams to confirm how, when, and where their assets are being used across different channels.

The analytics data comes from embed links, which track views and downloads of embedded assets on blog posts, email blasts, websites, and more. Dashboards, graphs, and charts are then created to show asset performance and popularity.

By understanding which assets are most popular or effective and why, teams can maximize their existing content and have confidence developing new content. More importantly, this data can boost the quality of their marketing.

Asset analytics can influence the creation of new marketing content and help organization's effectively tell their members’ stories, make an emotional connection with donors, or present an organization’s mission consistently. It’s the kind of content that helps position nonprofits for success.

DAM Relationship

A final DAM benefit to nonprofits is customer support. A relationship with the right DAM provider will allow nonprofits to leverage the full potential of their DAM investment and provide the right assets and information to their audiences.

That means the support team should be just a phone call or email away to provide guidance on any issue, from site configuration to metadata strategy to designing a DAM platform to reflect the unique needs of users. It also includes having access to data that clarifies the ROI on the DAM investment. Analytics tools can provide important statistics that demonstrate the value of DAM to a business.

Strong customer service not only helps nonprofits manage their resources efficiently, it allows the DAM team to be an extension of the nonprofit team. Together, they can share the goal of creating, organizing and distributing the best content possible for that organization.

The payoff

Nonprofits can gain enormous value from DAM.  Their investment in a DAM system will result in operational improvements, an opportunity to boost the quality of their work and a vendor relationship that extends the reach of their resources. DAM frees up time and money for nonprofit teams to direct to their constituents, their donors and their mission. Ultimately, DAM helps them be their best!


Contact us to learn more about using digital asset management at your nonprofit. For a special (and entertaining) look at DAM and higher education, check out this article on our educational site,


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