How DAM Helps Drive Marketing Campaigns (Featuring Repurposil Assets)

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As you might have heard by now, we recently started promoting a drug we made up. It’s been fun, and we want to share that fun with people who are looking to narrow their DAM software vendor searches or even just learn about DAM for learning’s sake.

We created a number of digital assets for the Repurposil ad campaign. They range from creative ad banners to videos, office docs and labels—most of them featuring our own funny DAM takes on stereotypical pharmaceutical ad formats. 

View the Repurposil campaign assets at

We put all this together, however, to illustrate important points about DAM. A wide range of rich media assets increases the adaptability and reach of a marketing campaign, but large numbers and types of digital assets also generate challenges to using them. For effective use, they need to be made available to all key players in an easy and efficient manner. This is exactly why we used to manage all of our Repurposil digital asset library.

Searching for any assets related to the campaign is as easy as simply typing “Repurposil” into the search field. Thumbnails for all assets immediately show up. Assets can then be chosen and ordered straight away or viewed in greater detail. When looking at them in greater detail, information regarding such factors as metadata, history, rights, and keywords is revealed. Other specifics such as dimensions and size of the master asset are also given. In other words, all the information a marketer needs to know about a digital asset is provided to facilitate the creation and distribution of localized marketing materials. 

This is also why certain assets can be ordered in different formats. A picture showing a happy elderly couple and a description of some of the main benefits of Repurposil is available as a banner, as a full page, and as a rectangular image suitable for a side bar. Having more than one form of the same asset is crucial for sending the same marketing message across multiple channels.

Other metadata associated with each asset includes asset categories and security data. This information makes it easier to find assets if marketers are only looking for a specific type of asset such as banners or images associated with campaigns. Again, typing such parameters into the search field will immediately bring up all available assets that fall into those categories.

In addition, a side bar indicates the number of assets available matching different categories, file types and metadata fields, among other things. This allows users to further narrow searches quickly and easily. On top of all that, the governance features of DAM ensure users only see and have access to the current, approved assets they should. Un-released, un-approved and expired assets remained locked up to prevent irregular brand disorder!

The DAM software we used for the Repurposil campaign does what any good brand asset management software should do: it makes it very easy for system users to easily and efficiently get controlled access to the most appropriate digital assets at every level of a marketing campaign.

To get a feel for the high efficiency and productivity experienced by marketing campaigns driven with the help of DAM, sign up for your demo account now at


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