How DAM is Connected to Every Other Marketing Priority

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Align your marketing strategy with your marketing asset managementLike other aspects of business, marketing has a precise set of priorities. Studies of companies’ marketing priorities in 2010 indicated that marketing ROI, customer retention, branding, brand loyalty, positioning/differentiation, and customer satisfaction topped the list.

However, even getting your marketing priorities in order doesn't mean much if you don't have the tools necessary to address them. Fortunately, Digital Asset Management software provides some of the necessary tools a company needs to deal with these and other priorities. Here's how:

Marketing ROI: Every company would love to know how well marketing materials from its digital asset library are working, but a good way to determine the ROI of marketing materials has always been elusive. The right set of digital asset management tools changes this by providing the type of centralized control and management needed for those assessments.

Customer retention: Marketing isn't just for getting new customers; it's just as important to retain your existing customers—and a DAM system helps accomplish this by being the most powerful tool you have for promoting brand consistency. DAM further aids with customer retention by allowing for easy localization of assets specifically designed for customers in different markets, and by accelerating the production of marketing assets. 

Branding and brand loyalty: A DAM system that provides centralized control can be used to give a powerful boost to branding. This is because it lets administrators have control over access to all of the company's digital marketing assets. Since users are only given access to properly branded assets, brand consistency is drastically improved, laying the foundation for increased brand equity.

Brand positioning/differentiation: DAM systems aid in brand positioning because they not only serve to directly repurpose brand assets, but also to indirectly repurpose brand labor. Allowing a DAM system to handle menial tasks frees talented people up to focus on creative or find the best way to use assets to make your brand stand out and your message heard.

Customer satisfaction: Quick and effective communication helps customers connect with your brand more easily. Cloud-based DAM programs help to make this kind of effectiveness more attainable by empowering teams to quickly produce quality, targeted marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Watch a demo of Widen’s software-as-a-service DAM system now to see how it can assist with your top marketing priorities. 

For more insights, be sure to download the Widen white paper: How Digital Asset Management Can Help Achieve Top Marketing Priorities

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