How DAM software adapts to immediate, interactive marketing

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Using your digital asset management system to better manage your social media messagingThere have been a lot of changes in marketing in the past few years. Just as radio and television had huge impacts on marketing practices, social media and other accessible forms of communication between employees and clients have added new dimensions to the fabric of modern marketing.

The speed of social media

Before social media, people visited websites and didn’t have any say in what the experience was like. Their experience was more or less pre-determined by marketing teams and web designers. Like watching a television show or looking into the front window of a department store, they could see what was available but there was no interaction.

Every employee is a marketer

Marketing has ceased to be monopolized by marketing departments. They still play crucial roles and bring valued experience to the table, but a lot of other people also become involved in marketing whether they want to or not. This has happened due to the increased communication between employees and customers via email and social media.

Essentially, having more channels of communication means more people in the company become brand advocates. This has a lot of potential benefits for marketing, but also comes with risks if employees send out the wrong types of marketing assets.

How digital asset management programs help

A cloud-based DAM system adapts perfectly to these changing marketing dynamics by:

    • Facilitating fresh content - A good DAM system makes it easy to repurpose content through the use of a fast search engine and digital asset management tools for immediate formatting. Files and images that were used for campaigns in the past can be found in a matter of seconds.


    • Global access to the DAM system - All employees can have quick and easy access to assets in a DAM system. However, branding is still maintained by only providing access to certain assets.


  • Easy delivery - The best brand asset management software makes it easy to share video content and quickly distribute assets in a wide variety of formats.

To experience a DAM system designed, interactive marketing, sign up for a demo of a Widen software-as-a-service DAM system.

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