How DAM Software Can Help Offset a Marketer's Full Workload

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Marketing Digital Asset ManagementAre you in marketing? Do you have a full workload? Is the sky blue?

We talk with marketing people all the time about their needs for a smarter and more efficient way to make the most of their marketing asset investments. How can marketing people make the most of their marketing investments? How can you be more efficient and effective in your day-to-day activities? Basically, what it boils down to is oneself asking "What did I do to help my organization improve our brand equity, drive revenue and/or increase market share today?"

Ask yourself that question the next time you find yourself wrapped up in the minutia of a workload full of tedious tasks that have all been done before and will likely be done again. Finding a balance in addressing what is urgent and what is important is key to any marketer's success. However, another key is minimizing time spent on tedious tasks and time lost searching for lost or scattered digital assets.

Digital Asset Management is not just another project on a long laundry list of to-dos to cross off, but a foundation for helping your team and those that depend on your team to be more effective in their job. It’s a combination of media management tools that help marketing people easily repurpose and recreate new and powerful marketing materials, resources to empower partners to streamline marketing campaign time to market, services to enable sales channels to consistently extend the value of corporate campaigns, and controls to eliminate lost work and lost time in recreating critical brand assets.

Here's a few ways DAM software can help offset a marketer's full workload:

Automate – Leveraging various digital asset management tools to automate the once tedious and manual tasks of finding, prepping, converting and delivering larger and more complex digital asset collections. DAM helps marketers empower internal and external teams with self-service tools and on-demand marketing resources versus always being the go-to-person for all requests that take you away from higher impact activities.

Track – You have the right to know who’s using your digital media brand assets (and your online digital asset management system). You shall also have the ability to track changes for all that goes on with your digital assets and associated metadata as changes occur and new versions are created. DAM software helps marketing people know which brand assets, formats and versions are being used in various marketing programs.

Measure – More than just tracking changes and understanding who’s using your brand assets, marketer’s can use DAM solutions to leverage analytics and measurement tools to compare, report on and understand which assets are most effective and which assets you can do without. Beyond getting a better understanding of your assets, you should be able to understand who your power users are and which user groups may need some extra attention.

Focus – Your digital asset management solution should provide you with end-to-end tools to streamline processes and bring focus to your marketing programs. Web-based DAM software can help you be a more intelligent and effective marketer by being able to make the most of your digital asset investments across multiple channels. You should also be able to recognize areas where you can make cuts, find savings, and produce greater results by achieving greater intelligence and focus in your marketing efforts.

Request a demo or take the tour on your own to learn more about how cloud DAM can help offset a marketer’s full workload and streamline workflows in creating, managing and distributing digital media and brand assets.

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