How digital asset management software can help you join the “highly proficient” 48 percent.

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How digital asset management software can help you join the “highly proficient” 48 percent.At some point — maybe many, many points — we’ve all heard someone talk about how overwhelming technology is. Maybe it was your grandmother trying to navigate her first smartphone. Could have been a colleague struggling to reconcile new software with old routines. Whatever it is, it’s not so often that we question the notion that it’s the pace of change that’s frustrating.
But what if it’s something else? What if some people really feel left behind or find themselves fighting to keep up because they haven’t found the best tools for their jobs?
A recent study by Adobe Systems (which polled 1,000 marketers in August and September according to this release), found that only 48 percent of digital marketers felt “highly proficient in digital marketing.”
Apparently, respondents didn’t think they were alone. 40 percent said their companies’ marketing was ineffective, and 68 percent said they’d never felt more pressure to generate a marketing ROI.
Maybe we can attribute that feeling to the fact that more than three quarters of those polled said they thought marketing had changed more in the last two years than it had in the last 50.
Simple questions. Telling numbers.
If there’s one thing that’s changed rapidly in the last few years, it’s technology. Specifically, digital content is in a state of constant, rapid flux, and knowing how best to store, manage and distribute that content one day is far from a guarantee that you’ll know what you’re doing the next. After all, as a marketer, you need to be more worried about the message than the tech.
Still, your message comes alive in media, so you can’t neglect the technology. That’s where digital asset management software, like Widen Media Collective, comes in. Widen customers are left better able to focus their efforts on top strategic priorities because they leave the DAM stuff to us.
You’ll find that while the things marketers tend to identify as top priorities are largely strategic in nature, they tend to reflect goals that just can’t be reached (at least not in any way that keeps you competitive) without the right digital tools. Whether it’s efficient delivery of assets, central storage, or the need to act intelligently on data about your messaging, Widen digital asset management can keep you from getting that flustered feeling.
Want to join that “highly proficient” 48 percent. Get in touch with us and one of our DAM advisors will help you understand your DAM needs and whether the right solution can really put you back in control.

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