How marketing technologists can help generate more useful analytics from DAM software

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iStock_000017304116XSmallThe success of a marketing campaign is just as dependent on the technology behind it as on the marketers who create it. For this reason, digital asset management tools that provide analytics about asset use play a highly important role in a DAM system.

Still, you still have to know how to leverage and read analytic tools to make use of the data. Some analytics are more useful than others and the best will tell you where efforts should be focused for maximum ROI. Here are a few ways in which marketing technologists can help in coming up with valuable analytics:

  • In depth knowledge of the DAM system — The more a marketing technologist understands how a DAM system functions, the better he or she will be able to leverage the system for analytics. In knowing how each component of the DAM system works, a marketing technologist can locate connections that result in increased efficiency and subsequent productivity.
  • Setting up appropriate access to assets — Access rules for assets can also affect analytics in the long run. The right permission rules need to be put into place to promote brand consistency and ensure that campaign strategies don’t deviate from their original plans. Marketing technologists apply taxonomy and metadata to each asset that will facilitate their use, improve their value, and make them more useful for analytics.
  • Designing metadata structure — Marketing technologists’ backgrounds often give them expertise that makes them ideal candidates for leading the design of the metadata and taxonomy structures that help make assets searchable in a DAM system.

To help you understand the marketing technologist position more deeply, we teamed with the DAM Foundation’s Mark Davey to put out this this whitepaper titled, “Digital Asset Management and the Marketing Technologist.” Read it and learn more about the value of combining a good DAM system with a marketing technologist.

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