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How MINI USA curates user generated content with the help of Widen DAM

by Jake Athey, January 23, 2014

We love sharing innovative customer stories! One of our favorites comes from BEAM Interactive and how they help their client MINI USA (yes, the sweet small cars) curate user generated content.
MINI USA faced a great problem – they had a great opportunity to capture and utilize user generated content. MINI owners are an engaged community and love showing off their vehicles. The struggle was how to collect, organize and share all this great, authentic content.
BEAM, on behalf of MINI USA, combines social media networks (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), workflow tools with cloud connectors (like IFTTT.com), file sharing tools (like Dropbox) and the Widen API to aggregate content in its Widen-powered digital asset library.
The blend of all these web services fosters a connection between authentic customer experiences and the MINI brand to create stronger engagement with its audience.
Check out the slide deck below highlighting the steps involved in two innovative use cases of DAM from BEAM Interactive on behalf of MINI USA.
Use Case #1
MINI customers are creating and sharing images with their MINI. These images exist across multiple social networks and need to be centralized and organized to be used. BEAM uses IFTTT.com and the Widen integration with Dropbox to curate customer generated content by watching various social media hashtags.
BEAM implemented Widen DAM and developed a workflow, using Widen’s Dropbox integration, to source content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and easily repurpose MINI content  across multiple campaigns.
Use Case #2
MINI needs a place for MINI owners to submit video content for a contest. These videos need to be reviewed by the MINI Team before being displayed on the website. BEAM aggregates customer generated content for contests on MINIUSA.com and subsequently presents various content on its public submission gallery.
BEAM made use of the Widen API to allow for the uploading of video content, to its Widen DAM solution, direct from MINIUSA.com. Video content is submitted direct to Widen DAM where it is reviewed and then Widen’s video embed codes are used on the MINIUSA.com public gallery. 
Indeed. Both use cases are super cool!
How do you use user generated content to support your brand? 
Want to learn more about innovative ways to connect with customers (or connect your tools)?

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