How to Get More People On Board with Your Digital Asset Management System

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Centralized hosting of digital assets by a third-party is a brand new ball game for many people working in the marketing and advertising sectors. Marketing technology moves forward so quickly that some veterans in these fields might even feel as if they've just recently become comfortable with using digital assets kept on their office desktops. Nevertheless, no matter how accustomed they may already be with the current way in which they manage assets, the time has come for switching to brand asset management software.

Getting people on board with DAM SoftwareEven though there will be individuals resistant to change who insist that they have no problems working with images, videos and marketing materials on local network servers, the growing difficulties of effectively collaborating with remote parties and external partners in this manner shows that they are either fibbing about their frustrations or just have no idea how inefficient their output truly is.

It’s always a challenge to convince others to step out of their comfort zone (and especially so if the change appears to be so dramatic that the step looks more like an Olympian leap) but in the case of management, collaboration, and distribution of complex digital assets, there is simply no other choice if lean marketing organizations want to have a chance against the competition.

Some ideas to get more people to accept web-based DAM tools and realize that it is to their advantage to use it are:

    • Cut off old methods and habits. Perhaps the most obvious, yet most difficult tactic is to cut people off from their old ways. If you’re traditionally the “gatekeeper” or “order filler” of requests for images, logos, videos and marketing collateral, stop fulfilling requests using old methods. More importantly, show those requesters how they can get the materials they need on their own without interrupting your day-to-day core marketing operations. Much like the saying “teach a man to fish…” the same applies in today’s complex, resource-intensive business environment.


    • Get in with social networks. With all the buzz about social media, involve your users in the social networks dedicated to DAM. Join the various LinkedIn Groups related to DAM such as DAM Pros, Digital Asset Management, Masters of Digital Assets, and DAM Foundation. To emphasize the importance of using the DAM system (and that there really isn’t any alternative), get users involved in the discussions and share experiences to improve relevancy. Encourage users to follow Twitter postings about digital asset management and to share their tips and experiences back to the community.


  • Report your results. Little by little, track the differences with your new and improved processes using digital asset management software for marketing. Measure the return on investment and business impacts from using online DAM solutions among various departments and the organization as a whole. Involve those that are affected most first, but share it with everyone else to get people excited about the importance of and role that DAM plays in marketing and brand management. Show stats and results of how managing digital assets in a centralized manner means improved ROI, stronger company growth, and thus greater job security.

It’s certainly no easy task to get people to change the way they work but once they have been presented with very good arguments for adapting to a new DAM system, and that there just aren’t any other alternatives, they become far more willing to adapt their digital asset management workflow.

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