How to Leverage DAM Software for a New Product Launch

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How to Leverage DAM Software for a New Product LaunchThe best marketing campaigns are those that are carefully and diligently planned before the launch date and can be appropriately executed using resources that can quickly assist in the process. The time invested in this planning stage pays off with a more effective, targeted, and efficient campaign. Nevertheless, the high degree of organization and multi-level management can make the preparation of marketing campaigns a daunting process, especially so if the campaign is large in nature and covers a wide geographic area. Granted, campaigns today embrace several various channels of communication, including a highly specialized use of digital marketing.

Digital Asset Management tools provide the type of organizing power required to prepare large marketing campaigns with the goal of running smooth and effective campaigns when they’re executed. From pre-launch to post-launch, DAM can help the process of streamlining the flow of information and promotional materials connecting with customers at just about every step of the way.

A few of the ways Digital Asset Management software is used to prep for a new product campaign launch are to:

Facilitate internal collaboration – DAM can help photographers, brand managers, graphic designers, and other marketing staff collaborate on creating and reviewing materials needed for the campaign launch. DAM helps with this sort of collaboration by providing a central access and distribution point in addition to coordinating online reviews with quick and easy web-based collaboration tools. 

Centralize new branded materials – The logos, images, documents, and other collateral that were created for the campaign can be uploaded to the DAM system and assigned appropriate access levels for those that should have access to these materials. For example, logos meant to be used for every aspect and area of the campaign can be tagged for universal user access, while assets designed for certain geographical regions can be assigned to users covering those areas of the country. Access to the branded assets can be easily set for a future release date to avoid accidental release of materials, but the necessary parties can get access to what they need to prepare promotions and quickly execute their launch campaigns.

Provide a high degree of control – The centralized control afforded by DAM ensures that the materials associated with the launch will be released with the appropriate launch date and users still have the agility needed to quickly put brand assets into effect.

When the product campaign launch date arrives, DAM continues to play a major role by:

Giving access to various users in the supply chain – Access can now be granted to branded assets based on the pre-determined user access levels. Marketing materials can also be sent out to various external partners and distributors, while others can be invited into the system to take advantage of branded materials to boost sales.

Providing tools for customization of materials by local markets – Marketing asset management tools allow for controlled customization of marketing materials to ensure that local distributors and salespeople adapt assets to their respective local selling situations without diminishing branding power.

DAM facilitates every level of a marketing campaign surrounding a new product launch. Take a tour of Widen DAM Software as a Service to experience the power of Widen digital asset management and on-demand brochure building tools to discover ways to improve your marketing efforts.

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