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How to Leverage Digital Asset Management Tools for Smarter Marketing Decisions

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The benefits of digital asset management software tools aren't just limited to increased organization and better branding. DAM can also be used to make more intelligent decisions for future marketing campaigns and strategies. Tools that allow users to track assets along with system reporting can result in highly valuable information useful for future budgeting, forecasting, and market intelligence.

Users can benefit from Digital Asset Management tools for smarter marketing decisions in the following ways:

How to Leverage Digital Asset Management Tools for Smarter Marketing DecisionsKnow which internal departments are the heaviest users of the system – Knowing who is using the DAM software the most lets administrators know which departments need it the most. Further analyzing how they are using the system will then reveal how their usage can be improved as well as the numbers and types of functionalities and aspects they should be given access to. This will answer questions like who are your power users and what are they doing.

Find out which external departments are using the DAM system the most – Understanding who the key customers and content consumers are helps administration determine which user groups need more training, what areas need more attention and what areas are underperforming.

Discover where the DAM system is being used the most – Knowing where the DAM system is being used the most can indicate where markets are concentrated. This in turn indicates where and how more emphasis should be focused on customization and localization of marketing materials.

Determine when the DAM system is being used the most – Gaining an understanding of when the DAM is being used most often can reveal the most effective times for marketing purposes, including when to introduce new assets, communicate with your users and improve marketing ROI.

To better understand how digital assets are used can also help you make smarter marketing decisions in the following ways:

Indicate which assets are most popular – The number of downloads tell us which digital assets are being used the most and thus indicate the types and formats of assets that should be produced for similar circumstances. This can be a great help for determining the most effective investment in future marketing materials because it can indicate whether or not (and how much) money should be spent on producing particular types of assets, such as tutorials, flash animations, or screen cast demo videos.

Find out if print or web format downloads are more popular – You already know and have read reports about the overtaking of digital marketing over traditional print media, but for some campaigns and use cases you really need to know what is best for you. Hopefully web format downloads will be more popular because printing induces higher costs. DAM can at least give an idea of which is being used more and help you better plan and budget for future campaigns.

Discover which products are most (and least popular) – The number of times images and marketing materials for a particular product are downloaded can be compared to sales indicators to ascertain product popularity. This level intelligence can be shared with your product teams to improve future product decisions.

Find out which digital assets are expired to maintain brand integrity – Digital asset software helps you control branding and improve brand consistency by making it easier to remove asset availability after it has expired. Other data management tools can indicate which digital assets are being used after expiration.

Your DAM system is meant to be used for far more than storing assets and can provide you with numerous benefits for smarter marketing decisions dealing with your users, assets, media channels and other market-based planning. To learn more about the versatility of DAM solutions and interact with live reporting applications, request a demo of the Widen Media Collective web-based DAM software suite.

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