How to Overcome the Status Quo By Building User Adoption with Your DAM System

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Overcoming the Status Quo with DAMLet’s face it. Old habits are difficult to break because that’s human nature. We tend to take the same route to work each day because it’s easier to navigate in familiar surroundings. Most people stick to a daily routine because they find it easier to function in environments that harbor little in terms of surprises. Many of us are hesitant to change processes and tools associated with work because we already know how to use them to achieve goals. The common and logical response we give when confronted with the possibility of changing die-hard habits is, “If something works then why fix it?” Such a response is based on the assumption, however, that the process in question works well. Because we are commonly loathe to changing our habits, to get away from the status quo, extreme familiarity can make it easier to put on blinders when assessing functionality.

We make excuses for our habits and time-tested tools because it’s not so easy to change but there are times when the work environment and general dynamic differ to such a degree from the processes that we are accustomed to that the familiar and worn tools of the past are rendered obsolete. Adapting to the new dynamic at this point becomes a necessity and a perfect example of this situation can be seen with Digital Asset Management software.

User adoption of digital asset management in a centralized manner is frequently a challenge because of the reasons outlined above. Digital assets continue to be stored on desktops, hard drives, or internal servers and used on an individual basis as opposed to being hosted off-site because users are simply accustomed to managing images and videos in this manner. Although this may have worked when digital assets weren’t so prevalent, the growing difficulties and inefficiencies posed by hosting and sharing large files on internal servers means that the time has arrived for users to adopt more advanced centralized digital asset management programs.

Some ways to overcome the status quo and increase user adoption of digital asset management tools are:

  • Require potential users to take a demo of software that manages digital media so they can see for themselves how much easier it is to work with digital assets when they are hosted by a third party.
  • Create a video showing the easy solutions that DAM provides for principle difficulties faced by workers who stick to the status quo.
  • Give presentations that demonstrate how centralized management of digital assets increases marketing ROI and efficiency in daily operations.
  • Schedule required training sessions with materials that cover FAQs and the benefits of third party DAM hosting compared to methodologies currently used.
  • Periodically survey users to assess the ups and downs of the new software as well as reinforce why making the change was the correct path to take.
  • Make sure to share information about the new DAM software on company intranets and social networking sites including explanations and links to why adopting the new platform for digital content management was necessary.

To learn more about the benefits of DAM from the Software as a Service platform, request a demo.

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