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How to use Widen Collective version 12.0 updates

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Widen Collective version 12.0

The Widen Collective product vision builds on DAM to connect marketing content across the entire content lifecycle, from ideas to analytics. Most importantly, to connect the people and teams to create, manage, and use your content.

We’re really excited about these version 12.0 updates and we think you will be too — since these are heavily influenced by your feedback.

Use image recognition tools to auto tag assets

Widen Collective version 12.0

This summer we asked ourselves, “Do DAM professionals think image recognition is finally ready for digital asset management?” So, we gave 49 customers from a variety of industries access to four image recognition tools and then surveyed them to learn about their experience.

Participants felt that all four technologies tagged images with metadata that was frequently inaccurate and often too broad to be helpful with searching.

Despite that, 53 percent of participants responded positively, indicating that they’re excited to find any way whatsoever to improve search results and reduce the amount of time spent manually tagging their digital assets.

We now offer integrations with these recognition and tagging services:

Customers can choose any number of image recognition services they want to use and may find different services work better for different asset groups depending on their needs.

Image recognition integrations allow you to:

  • Identify objects and attributes in your assets
  • Automatically apply tags and keywords to assets
  • Set auto tagging for specific upload profiles and metadata fields
  • Detect emotions of faces in images (sentiment analysis)
  • Determine age, gender, and ethnicity (demographic analysis)
  • Moderate assets and automatically delete or hide uploads with inappropriate content

While we’re all really excited about these new technologies, we want to emphasize two things.

First, these services aren’t capable of replacing a DAM admin. There’s so much more to a DAM admin’s role than applying metadata. But these tools can support a DAM admin’s strategies and execution of metadata application.

Second, these services have different strengths, so it’s important to work with your customer experience manager (CXM) to identify the right image recognition service(s) for your use cases. These services are managed integrations, so there is a lot of flexibility and configuration possible. Things you’ll want to talk about with your CXM:

  • Which specific image recognition service works best for your needs?
  • What metadata field(s) and formatting would you like for the tags?
  • How many tags per image?
  • Any whitelisted or blacklisted tags?
  • What filters or “if/then” scenarios should be considered?

Plus, it’s important to consider which upload profiles and asset groups you want to set up with these image recognition services. For example, you may only allow auto tagging for lifestyle images and require moderation in an unreleased state before these assets are available for use.

Build microsites for your content with Brand Portals navigation, CTAs, and more

Widen Collective version 12.0

Adopting a new technology can be a challenge. People are resistant to change. But now you can bring the benefits of DAM to your internal and external groups in the simplicity and beauty of a microsite.

Within Brand Portals, you can now create a microsite from the portal by adding navigation. The sidebar navigation allows for linking to other portals, external links, and sections within the portal. The new navigation compliments the existing Brand Portals’ custom sections, columns, banners, CTAs and hyperlinked assets.

Create and localize a menu on the right side, with links to your portals and other resources. Include a table of contents to ease navigation within the portal and add your logo to the header to increase your brand’s visibility.

You can link to or embed the portal in your company intranet, SharePoint, Salesforce CRM, website or in other places where your teams work.

Create reusable workflows for creative work management

create reusable workflows for creative work management

Workflow streamlines project collaboration, review, and approval for your creative teams. This latest update is built for teams that frequently use the same processes to get work done.

You can now save your workflows for future selection during stage setup in the Creative and Enterprise Work Management tiers of Workflow. Using saved workflows, you can quickly set up deliverables or review stages with the same decision makers and commenters as previous workflows, then update the dates.

Start a workflow with quick review

Technically, this Workflow update was part of the version 11.8 release, but it’s too helpful not to highlight. When you want to quickly send a deliverable out for review, you can now send it through the quick review or drop it into the left navigation. The entire left navigation is a drop zone, allowing you to create projects on the fly and get them moving, well, quickly. Upload, route, review, edit, approve, move to DAM and go – it’s that simple!

Improved experience with focus on usability

This week you might have opened your site and thought, “This feels nicer but what changed?” The Collective has a new font, Helvetica Neue. We’ve made this update to provide a crisp, clean interface to keep the focus on the assets you need.

Our goal for the Collective and its apps is to give you the best user experience possible. The font update within the apps is just one of many new UI updates coming your way.

Publish content faster with asset cropping

Widen Collective version 12.0

If you’re a marketer or designer, you understand the different demands for image ratios and sizes. You might have one size needed for a webpage, another for an email, and another for a social share. The new cropping tool gives you pinpoint cropping of your assets. Crop an asset to the exact dimension needed and either embed it or download it for immediate use.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these updates to the Collective. To learn more, contact your customer experience manager (CXM). Or if you’re not yet a Widen customer, contact our Advisor team <>. They’d be happy to chat about what’s driving your interest in DAM and the Widen Collective.

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