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How Widen Digital Asset Management helps manage training materials

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Digital Asset Management for Training AssetsIf you’ve been reading up on digital asset management software lately, you might notice people seem to use the words “digital” and “marketing” interchangeably. The truth is, DAM software is about more than just managing assets you use in marketing campaigns and other public communications. Organizations large and small spend considerable resources to create and refine their training materials. Video from live training sessions, PowerPoint slide decks, step-by-step instructions, high-end demonstration videos… the type, size and complexity of each file take many hours of someone’s time to create and edit into final form. The future lifeline of your organization depends on the ability to manage, maintain and reuse these assets as much as possible. In many organizations, training materials are a small-to-medium percentage of the overall asset mix that’s managed and maintained in their DAM system.
Throughout our history, Widen has helped many of these organizations protect, manage and distribute training materials. Recently, we have seen a number of training-based organizations become Widen DAM customers where their entire asset mix is training content; content like video recordings of focus groups, short video clips linked to chaptered PDF training manuals, standard PDFs, images and short- and long-form video.
In these instances, there are certain benefits and features of the Widen Media Collective that are amplified when working with training materials. 
Version control – Training materials are constantly being updated. Ensuring that your trainers and trainees are using the most current materials can directly impact how useful those trainees will be at their new task. 
Ease of access – Let’s face it, a computer or mobile device with internet access will most likely be how a user consumes training materials. Managing and distributing materials from a web-based platform that’s already connected and accessible via the internet makes those tasks significantly easier. Trainers and presenters are often on the road, and their ability to quickly access all materials from anywhere at any time increases efficiency. 
Ease of use – Training, in and of itself, attempts to educate someone on how or why to do something. The delivery method of the training tool should not need “training” itself to be used. It needs to be simple and fast. Since the Widen Media Collective’s user interface is based off popular e-commerce sites, social sites and search engines, it is quickly picked up by the average internet user. The user can spend less time trying to determine how to find and view something and more time learning his or her new task. 
Support for many different file types – Training materials can be videos, documents, slide decks, PDFs, and audio files…basically, any kind of file. The platform used to manage materials needs to handle the ingestion, management and presentation equally. 
In addition to not only having a feature set that helps manage training materials, Widen also has extensive and personal experience with multiple customers that entrust us with their training materials, so our best practices are rich and abundant. If you’re looking for learning management systems or DAM solutions that manage training assets, get in touch with the Widen advisor team to learn more about the Widen Media Collective.

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