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I'm a Champion for DAM… Now What?

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Being a Digital Asset Management Champion
The thing is, we may all find ourselves in the position of knowing a good next move for our company. You can see the writing on the wall – if things don't change, we will continue to struggle with this forever.
Our advisor team speaks with these champions every day. Frustrations with current process, a need to more easily find images or create efficiencies all drive their search. Maybe this sounds familiar. "I am frustrated. I spend too much of my time digging through folders on our server looking for the right logo, the right image, a version of a video I could swear we had…" Maybe you have heard of this "DAM" thing or have used solutions in the past at another company. 
Maybe you just recognize that there has to be a better way.
In either case, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing how to create your case for DAM within your organization. The truth is, there is no magic wand and it is going to take some convincing. You will probably face some push back from "le grande fromage" that may sign the checks. Not to worry – we are here to help you. 
First and foremost, we can help you talk through the frustrations to really identify the pain-points. Once those pain-points are identified, it is easier to show how DAM can solve many of the pains you are feeling. If you can start to create some metrics around time savings like Yankee Candle did, or clearly outline how creating a central repository for your digital files will help your brand consistency like Boise Cascade, it will help you present your case to your management.
We have tools for each step of your process. From case studies to our ROI calculator, helping you build your case for DAM is what we specialize in. Our over 200 customers all started their DAM search with a need and a champion leading the effort. We have over 65 years of industry experience – that seasoned experience has tremendous value. After all, Rocky didn't get to be a champion without Mickey.
The end goal is to find a solution to better your company, make day to day tasks simpler, put smiles back on your co-worker's faces! And if you come out wearing a superhero cape for suggesting Digital Asset Management -better yet -finding the right solution, well that's not too shabby!
We want to hear from you! Get in touch with one of our DAM advisors today.

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