I'm not a DAM pharmacist; I just play one on the Internet.

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There’s work, and there’s play.

Sometimes, though, the line gets blurred a bit.

A few weeks ago some people at Widen HQ (which also happens to be our only building) started throwing around the word “repurposaceousness” to describe DAM software and DAM software users’ uncanny ability to effectively get more use out of individual assets by making slight adjustments to their use and nature—thereby increasing their value. You know... repurposing

We knew we liked this word, ridiculous as it was. It’s silly, but it means something (even if it is a somewhat nerdy industry joke). Problem was, it would seem out of place in our communications unless it was used in an equally ridiculous context.

Enter Repuposil, a fake drug we made up, but have given a lot of time and effort to promoting lately. It’s the perfect vehicle for explaining repurposaceousness deficiencies, as it’s been scientifically formulated and clinically proven to increase repurposaceousness.

Repurposil logo

The more we ran with this Repurposil thing, the more we realized what a great vehicle our magic pills (or topical creams or chewable tablets... we haven’t decided yet) were for explaining not only the benefits of DAM systems, but also the drawbacks of not having one in place—or of having one in place that isn’t right for you and your organization.

So we put together some cheesy ads promoting our new drug. We even populated DAMsystem.com, our DigitalAssetManagement.com demo site, with a boat load of marketing assets for Repurposil.


We used to have a lot of stock stuff in there. But now, users of the demo site can feel like they’re dealing with a digital asset library choc-full of things pertaining to a real brand... without being bored half to death by the brand in the process.

When I was a journalism student, a lot of professors’ favorite phrase was “show me, don’t tell me.” Maybe the best part about making up a drug for DAM illustration purposes is that we can also make up its campaigns. We’ve got our ears to the ground and we’re listening for insights on what people want to learn about DAM.

When there are things we want to teach people about DAM and marketing asset workflows, we no longer have to tell you about it. Instead, we can put on our Repurposil lab coats and show you.

So stay tuned, and let us know when you’ve got things you need cleared up about DAM software. The fake doctors are in.

To view the entire set of Repurposil campaign assets, go to DAMsystem.com and create your user account using the registration code “dam-com”.


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