Improving Efficiency, Brand Consistency, and Return On Marketing Investments with Digital Asset Management Programs

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Improve efficiency, ROI chartDAM software isn't just about storage and easier management of digital assets. Best-in-class companies have realized that the benefits of DAM go far beyond these features. They use DAM systems to increase efficiency and overall productivity. They don't just use file storage and logging systems, however. They incorporate DAM with marketing asset management tools that allow for better centralized control of assets, have workflow capabilities and allow for dynamic collateral development.

DAM systems with marketing asset management tools improve efficiency by performing or streamlining various menial tasks that would have otherwise been done by employees who should instead focus their time and energy on other, more productive endeavors such as working on creative and design or executing marketing strategies.

For example, when using simple, generic DAM imposters (or no DAM at all) administrators usually end up spending too much time fulfilling requests to retrieve files for marketing and sales representatives. It can take a considerable amount of time to retrieve files from a large corporate library, so the basic ability of a DAM system to effectively carry out this task in a matter of seconds is hugely advantageous. Users outside of the administration level are also able to work more efficiently because they can search for and quickly find needed assets on their own. That centralizing storage also makes communication more effective means DAM systems also greatly decrease redundancy.

Elite companies tend to prefer DAM systems with marketing asset management tools like template-driven ad and brochure building services because they work wonders for brand consistency. These tools allow for centralized control of assets with localized appeal, so administrators decide which users have access to which assets and how much they can be tailored to fit each local selling situation. This promotes near automatic uniformity of assets being used, no matter what the size of your company or target market.






In addition, best-in-class companies know that DAM systems boost ROI because the higher efficiency that comes from using a DAM system results in quicker, more cost-effective production and distribution of branded marketing materials.

To see digital assets management software that does all this and more, watch a demo of Widen software-as-a-service system.

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