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Is it time for some digital asset management clean up?

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DAM Cleanup

Digital asset management can get messy. Even with the right training and technology, the volume of assets and new users may exceed your bandwidth allocated to digital asset management. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and review your DAM system. We’ve created a checklist to help you understand how much of a priority your DAM cleanup should be and some options for next steps.

Your cleanup can fall into one of two categories: a refresh or an overhaul.

DAM refresh

A refresh is an update to the aesthetics of the system and a light review of assets, security, and users. It’s like the equivalent of spring cleaning in your personal living space. There are some areas that haven’t received a lot of attention that need some sorting, dusting, and removal of things. You might even have to touch up some paint on the walls. But there’s no major restructuring required.

DAM overhaul

An overhaul is a complete reorganization of categories, users, metadata, roles, branding, features, asset groups, content, and/or features. If a DAM refresh is like spring cleaning, DAM overhaul is like remodeling your kitchen. You have more occupants in your home so you’re ready to invest in a dishwasher to improve efficiency and you’re ready to update the backsplash to match your new aesthetic.

DAM cleanup questionnaire

The DAM cleanup questionnaire will empower system admins to determine:

  1. Do I need a cleanup?
  2. Which type do I need?

If the answer to a few of the following questions is “yes,” the system needs a refresh. If the answer is “yes” to the majority, the system needs an overhaul.

  • Are users regularly complaining about the DAM system? Do they avoid using it?
  • Are users often unable to find assets, relying on the admin to retrieve files?
  • Have there been no administrative changes to the DAM in over a year?
  • Has there been an organizational change (merge, expansion, buyout, reorganization)?
  • Does the DAM system feel stale or boring?
  • Are many of the metadata fields empty?
  • Does the admin have a list of items he or she will get around to fixing someday?
  • Is there new branding or a major campaign for the organization?
  • Is it difficult for new users to log in on their own and figure out how to do things?
  • Are more departments using the system than when it was initiated?
  • Are there just a small number of logins and downloads per month?
  • Have there been major staffing changes to either the DAM system or user teams?

You’ve already completed step one — admit there’s a problem.

You’ve already completed the first step in tidying up your DAM system. Your next step is to allocate staff time. A DAM refresh or overhaul isn’t something you can just do in some spare moments. It requires devoted, focused time. It requires strategic planning to understand organizational and team needs. And then time to execute updates to structure, assets, and permissions.

If you need to present the case to management, use Insights to present the need and eventual impact.

Your next steps

Make your DAM cleanup official. Set a timeframe for your cleanup efforts and tell your users about DAM cleanup efforts. You’re going to need their input during the cleanup process.

Get user feedback on how they want to use the DAM system. Talk to your users to see how they want to use the Collective. Are they having trouble finding things? Check out our sample questions to get started on a DAM interview or survey.

Need more guidance? Widen Collective customers, you can reach out to your CXM or Central Support for help. If you’re not a Widen customer but you’re interested in learning how Widen can help you clean up your digital assets, contact our advisor team.

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