Is Your Company Going To Survive?

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I want to be very candid with you about our current state of the economy. In any business, you must reduce operating costs. Day in and day out, I meet with people who are not realizing opportunities to maximize efficiency in marketing operations. They think that this time calls for “zero spending,” when actually “smarter spending” is what will help most. Take a step back and make sure your budget is being allocated on what will help you survive and help you come out of this as a stronger company with greater brand recognition. In the marketing software industry, Software as a Service companies are really the ones that will give you the best tools to do this.  Here is a link with 7 questions to help evaluate if you’re ahead of the game.

To be truthful, your competitors love these tough times. A recession will “weed out” the below average companies. If you’re not operating at maximum efficiency, these times will crush you, leaving the ones who are left with your would-be business. Bottom line, if you don’t embrace change and recognize ways to be more efficient and effective with your marketing resources you’re going to be left by the wayside.

When you decide to control your own destiny, make sure you pick a strategic partner than has a stable history and commitment to your future financial strength. Require a track record with proven client success stories, a scalable offering and "budget-able pricing." 

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